Why are so many talents flocking Android Development industry ?? According to experts' prediction , In the future 5 to 10 Within a year , Our country is right java The demand for engineers will continue to increase , High starting point , Good salary and treatment , With the rapid development of China's soft industry, people can see the long life of the profession IT The future of , Second, it is java The wide application of this language makes the talent gap more and more large , Employment and wages have incomparable advantages in other industries java Language is now global IT One of the most commonly used programming methods in the industry , Most enterprise apps and mobile apps use java Developed .

    Android yes Google to 2007 year 11 month 5 The basis of the announcement Linux The name of the kernel's open source mobile operating system , It is said to be the first truly open and complete mobile software for mobile terminals . From the latest statistical data display , Only a few years after the official listing Android It's been over ten years Symbian system , Become the most popular smartphone platform in the world . Now? ,Android Not only the mobile operating system , For smart phones , It's also a tablet that can be widely used , Consumer electronics , Integrated development platform in the field of intelligent home appliances , Its application field and market share are also expanding rapidly . at present , With the domestic 3G The rapid development of the industry , Various enterprises have different opinions on Android Developing talents , especially Android At the same time, the demand for talents in the development of underlying systems is also showing an explosive growth trend , And both Android All round talents of application development and system bottom development Android Development engineers are scarce in the industry . In a famous recruitment website within a week Android The demand for development engineers has reached tens of thousands , and Android The salary of engineers is rising , Soaring ! Choose a professional training school , Turn a new page for your career development .

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