Feeling at thirty


We are lonely and straightforward
Nature is poor and cheap
How can we hide in the mountains and forests
Just look at the original intention

High lying cloud smoke
Dong Tianyin
The Bank of SONGFENG
I am a Sword Fairy


Thirty years in the world
A light saber
Nothing has been achieved in 30 years
I can't bear looking back


Looking for swordsman for 30 years
Several times the flowers fall and branch
After seeing peach blossom
Until now, there is no doubt


No talent, no virtue, no sorrow
When the sea is dry, the night light comes
Poor haggard
He was a young man with a sword


In this world
I have scattered many fragmentary spirits
I have loved a lot of fragmentary people
See a lot of fragmentary scenery
But never met
A complete you


In this world
I've abandoned a lot of fragmentary emotions
Also abandoned many fragmentary books and characters
Abandoned a lot of people
Even abandoned one with hunger and green
Sweet heart made


My poetry
Still burning at night
But without you
Gradually it's going to turn cold into stone


I am a
Silent seeker
although , In silence
I didn't find anything
Every night
I lift up the void
Put the emptiness down again


“ If you hadn't suddenly
Break into my life
How lonely my world is ”

In the hazy years
You are midday sunshine
The breath of your youth
Give me dreams and
Endless poetic sentiment


Those years
In my life
It's just
It became a kind of memory ……
Dear spirit
Can you tell me
What is left ?


I love you so much
But our love has no sound
And covered with gauze and night
Even a rare meeting
We can only go through dreams


In green solitude
You spend our days
In the gray loneliness
I watch our night
Between life and death
We're just living

Chen Guangjian, Donghai

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