For a few days CTF After injection of , Familiar with some postures , To try to bypass the safety dog , Find unexpected simplicity , It is mainly used to record the current security bypass method , Anyway, it may not work after a while ... No explanation , Record only , The principle is basically written in previous blogs

Experimental environment

* windows server 2008
* phpstudy
* Safety dog V4.0.2395
Preparation before experiment

* open phpstudy, This is a little different from before , Due to the installation of safety dog , So it's opening phpstudy When , Need to select system service mode , Click apply .

* Go to the official website to download the latest safety dog and install it directly , namely 4.0 Create Your Account .


* Judge injection point . Error after entering single quotation mark .

Enter after -0 and -1 Page changes , Although and 1=1 Was prompted to detect .
But through xor Also judged that the page has changed , Indicates that there is injection in this page , And it's plastic injection .
xor 1
xor 0

* adopt order by Determine the length of the column ,15 normal ,16 report errors , So the number of columns is 15.

* Union query , Determine echo point .

* Query database and user name , Why not version What about , Because I really didn't go around , Who told me ....

* Look up the table .

* Search field .

* Burst field value .

* Over
1. The principle is important .
2. Brain holes are important .
3. Posture is important .
4. After finishing this , I went to try again AF, As long as the keywords or special symbols are filtered , No idea at all ... Try again !

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