Talking about procrastination , I believe everyone will have a deep experience , For example, the teacher assigned an assignment , Don't worry about it for the first few days , Do something unimportant every day , wait until deadline The coming time , I was very anxious at once , The mission was very well planned , Procrastination, wasted time, and the deadline is coming , act with confusion , Plan your week , Compressed to the end of the day , Quality is even more difficult to guarantee , Blame yourself secretly afterwards , You can't be so loose next time , So I decided to change the past and list all kinds of improvement measures , When the teacher's new task came, he began the endless circle of procrastination .

I consider myself a severe procrastinator , Think about it. I showed the potential of procrastination as early as high school , Biology teacher will assign exercises as homework after each class , When checking homework before class , I'm always there in the students who haven't finished their homework ; Go back every vacation , Whether it's junior high school , High school or college will bring back a lot of books , But at the beginning of school, I found that I had hardly seen it ........

When I heard about teaching one 009 There's a psychology lecture at the weekend, and the topic is “ procrastination ” When they did not hesitate to occupy seats , Try it , I listened to Mr. Huang , The effect is good , At least it's really good , Sort out what you have learned , In order to find the right medicine when the procrastination attack .

( One ) First understand self-control

        One's self-control is limited .
One's self-control ability is limited in a short period of time , Expended energy on something , In other things tend to show a lack of self-control , Examples of this : My husband worked late at the company , When you come home, if you have a disagreement with your wife on some trivial matters , Or meet a child mischievous , It's easy to get angry .

Willpower is limited , Put important things first . The teacher mentioned it “ Don't make new year's resolutions ”, My understanding of this is that if the plan is too broad , Lack of specific implementation steps , It's easy to shelve . You can set some short-term goals and plans in time , It must be feasible .

        Physiological understanding of self control : When blood sugar levels drop , People tend to make irrational decisions
. Glycogen is needed to deal with pressure and decision making , A rich and diverse diet is the best choice , Generally speaking, it is , Eating well is the best way to manage yourself .

( Two ) Using self-control : Time and task management

Four common ways of time management in the market

① Write a memo , Write down what you want to do on a note or note

② Write a calendar , Plan what you need to do every time , Keep a detailed record of what you do every day

③ Objective programming matrix : Put things in order : important , urgent , unimportance , It is not urgent to divide into four quadrants ( My big boss That's what I'm talking about )

④ Three dimensional view of time : Put everything on the to-do list , Write down what to do , And write down the next step , Recommended books :David Allen ,Getting Things Done

( Three ) Enhance self-control

Here are some small suggestions :

“ Feed the devil ”, Eat your fill , Eat well , Glycogen level should not be low ;

Sleep when you're tired ;

Self monitoring quantifying self , You can make one excel The form records what you do every day , Analyze and summarize ;

Through little things , Develop self-control : Keep standing , Sitting posture , Choose your own sport , hold the line ;

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