WIFI And wireless internet access , For many people, it is no longer a strange word . However, the loopholes of Xunchi platform have made peeping hot . There are lots of software to crack wireless networks on the Internet , Of course, there are many ways to solve this problem . Open network —— For example, the office , of one's own unit , belt PORTAL Certified Network —— For example, airports , Operators , this 2 In the case of direct use Omnipeek User name of wireless email , Password and interception MSN Chat information is very convenient , As long as you use the Centrino wireless network card , Online cracking method random search , It's also easy to rub your neighbor's Internet . Yes WEP,WPA The encrypted network will be more difficult to crack —— For example, Shangdao coffee and Starbucks , This kind of network can be used first inAircrackPack conduct WEP,WPA Key cracking , And get it by cracking WEP Key added to Omnipeek The user name of the e-mail box , Password and interception MSN Chat information .

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The above methods are already overwhelming on the Internet , So some people say that pornographic photo gate is because wi-fi I think loopholes are very reliable . It's a chance for those eager to know in advance whether they've been laid off by their boss in the financial crisis , The premise is that your company is using wireless Internet , So it's easy to crack .

Starbucks , McDonald's , library , airport , family , Office Building , street …… The wireless network has almost covered many places . In cafes and other places of entertainment , We can often see many people working on the Internet while drinking coffee ; At home , Several computers at the same time also no longer need to tangle with countless network cables , You can surf the Internet occasionally without applying for broadband . Realization of wireless internet access , It really brings a lot of convenience to the life of city people .

Free internet access for customers

At Starbucks , McDonald's , Lvyingge and other catering chain stores , And Tian He'nan , Small coffeehouses in gold rush have set up wireless networks , Customers can enjoy it for free as long as they patronize and consume WIFI Unlimited Internet access .

It's totally free “ Rub ” network

The streets now crowded with coffee shops , Or at home , Maybe we can find free ones WIFI hotspot , So that you can scratch someone else's network for free . But from a security point of view , Or choose operators as much as possible WIFI network , Avoid falling into hacker trap , Or lose important information through negligence .

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes , Where there is a network, there are hidden dangers . Compared with wired internet access , because WIFI It's a signal in the air , Easier to break through by hackers , If you are targeted, not only the information on the computer is easy to be stolen , It can also spread the virus .

Han Han, a famous writer, once revealed on TV programs , He often updates his blog late at night , Because at that time, he could go to the neighbor's wireless signal to upload articles . Even though it's often passed around, it's broken , But he still enjoyed it .

Mr. Lu mentioned above also told the author , He's on the wireless Internet , You will often find unfamiliar accounts connected to your own wireless network . It doesn't matter if the other party just looks at the web page , It doesn't affect your use ; But some neighbors actually play online games on it , Seriously affected his Internet fluency .

According to industry insiders , Mr. Lu's situation , It's because the wireless router he uses doesn't have a password , It's equivalent to opening a WLAN in the whole building , As long as his neighbors have wireless Internet devices, they can get in touch with his network .

according to the understanding of , Wireless internet access does not pay attention to encryption WIFI There are many users . A network master told the author , Wireless network is convenient , Security is also relatively weak . If the owner of the wireless network doesn't pay attention to prevention , Get caught in the net by others , Information stolen , The computer was infected with a virus , Trojans are easy things ; It may even suffer economic losses due to account theft .

Wireless is more dangerous than wired

IFI Technology does have certain security risks , Because users connected to the same hotspot are in the same LAN , If necessary safety measures are not taken ,
Could be attacked . Especially the wireless network in public places , Because members are dynamic anonymous , Security issues are more prominent .

in other words , Use in public places WIFI Wireless internet access , Users in the same LAN as themselves are strangers , Compared with the wired LAN in the unit , Most of the users are familiar with colleagues , Safety is not comparable . therefore , We need to protect our privacy .

How easy is it to peek into other people's computer information by rubbing on the wireless network ? The author asks Mr. Wu of network expert , Witness “ Peep ” The whole process of .

witness :“ Peep ” It's very simple

first , Download and install the software “ LAN super tools ”, And make some simple settings . So he can easily scan the hot spots , Search for “ Share files ” Users of ; Then select the file of interest , Just open it and you can see it .

“ Peeping is really so simple ?”, Facing the author's surprise , Mr. Wu said calmly ,“ The operation is very simple , As long as you have the heart to peep , As long as you don't know anything about computers , Download this kind of software from the Internet , A little study will do . After my presentation , Now you should learn, too .”

Peeping is the most common security hazard . in addition to , What's more dangerous is being stolen , Even spread the virus . He told the author , There are a lot of software to crack passwords on the Internet , With these tools, you can easily use wireless Internet connection , Attack other users . The author saw that Mr. Wu used crack software , Easy connection to encrypted WLAN , At this time, Mr. Wu was able to obtain it

All kinds of confidential information of the other party's computer , E-mail, etc ,“ We can also delete this person's private files , mail , Even spread computer viruses , These are easy to operate . And use his account to recharge the phone charges , Even criminal activities can be carried out .” ten minutes .“ Although this kind of peeping can also be realized in the wired network , But in comparison , Easier in wireless networks .”

Safety habits are important

Wireless in public , How to ensure your own safety ? Experts suggest that we should first have a good sense of safety risks , Develop good computer security habits . such as , Turn off what you share with others , Don't expose your documents to the LAN ; Also update the system patch and anti-virus in time , Anti Trojan software .

in addition , For free hot spots at your fingertips , Experts remind you , Even if unknown free wireless networks are found , Don't be greedy for small things , Because it can also be a gentle trap , It could be someone who tempts you , To steal your information .

Some hackers set up a disguised wireless access device in public , Attract users , Thus intercepts each kind of password which the hook enters , Or enter the virus into the victim's computer .

How to find out whether it has been rubbed ?

Most routing control panels have an interface for traffic statistics , You can visually see the computer terminal connected to the network IP Address and traffic . If abnormal conditions are found , You can turn off the suspicious IP Address connection .

How to avoid information leakage ?

1, Install some anti-virus , Anti Trojan and firewall software ;

2, Keep computer operating system and antivirus software updated , And regularly use these software to scan the computer , Check and kill virus , Trojan horse , Junk software, etc ;

3, Regularly update the security patches of Microsoft and other operating systems ;

4, Close shared files , If it is necessary to share, it should be closed in time after the end of sharing ;

5, Encrypted transmission of important data is also a relatively safe method , For example, at the beginning of the web address is “Https” The information used by the website is encrypted , Compared with the average

“Http” Website security of website address . generally speaking , E-banking or online trading sites will use this technology .

6, To avoid connecting to suspicious wireless hotspots , Causing personal data to be stolen , Remember to use only trusted wireless hotspots , The shop assistant should confirm the network name of the hot spot before surfing the Internet in the coffee shop and other consumer places , To avoid mistakes, hackers forge names similar to hot spots ;

7, When using public open wireless network , Read private e-mail should be avoided , Use of online banking services or online transactions and other operations .

Of course, the best thing is to have a new platform to replace Centrino , New ways to access the Internet WIFI, There will be less peeping .

notes : This article is a comprehensive arrangement for bloggers based on multi-party information .

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