How to customize Kibana Of time picker

For frequent use Kibana For users of , Often used time picker. That's because the data we're going to show is completely dependent on time picker  The choice of .

If the time range is not set correctly , There is no data to analyze . on top , By default , It's a display Last 15 minutes. So what can we do to set it to Last 1
year Do you ? We turn it on Stack Management:

click Advanced Settings:

click Save changes:

Let go , We restart the load in the browser Kibana, Then enter Discover:

This is the time , We can see the default time picker Become Last 1 year.

next , We want to customize the preset time options below :

Follow the same method as above , We can select the following items to customize :

We will override the previous configuration as shown above , So we have only three choices of time . choice Save changes. Then we go Discover Check again :

Now we only see 3 Time options .


customized metric Display format in

In this experiment , We choose Sample web logs data . If you haven't loaded it yet , Please load this data first .

Let's do a test for the above data metrics Visualization of :

We aim at  kibana_sample_data_logs Of bytes Field Sum
operation . on the left , We can see that the value shown on the left is very large , And it's not easy to read . We call for customization of its format .

choice Bytes format , And click Save field. and Bytes Is defined in the format Stack Management/Advanced Settings
Inside :

Let's go back Visualization The picture of :

We see that the current display is 13MB. This display is obviously more friendly than the previous one , Easy to read .

stay Stack Management/Advanced Settings There are more settings in it . Please explore .

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