MySQL and MongoDB The difference between ?


Before we talk about relational databases and NoSQL Related concepts of


Relational database :

    Relational database (relationship database)  A database in which the stored data format is structured data ,
RDB The data format in is a two-dimensional table structure . In this two-dimensional table structure , Data consists of rows and columns , A row of data represents a record . A list of contents , Represents an attribute of this line , Or field .


RDB The stored data format is structured data , When creating a table , Will define columns ( field ) Name and type of , Each record inserted into the table follows this definition , This approach brings reliability and stability ( However, it is difficult to modify these data ).


But the grouping of each record field is the same , Even if not all fields are required for every record , But the database assigns all fields to each record , Such a structure can facilitate the connection between tables and other operations , But from another point of view, it is also a factor of relational database performance bottleneck .



With the rapid development of the Internet , Traditional relational database is dealing with super large scale , When the traffic is very large and the concurrency is high, I can't do it . And this is the moment ,Nosql It has been developed rapidly .


NoSQL(not only SQL):

Is a general term for a class of databases , It's a distributed database .

Non relational database (NoSQL) Store by key value pair , Its structure is not fixed , It's a dynamic structure , Each record can have different fields ( The name or type can be different ), Each record can add its own key value pairs as needed , This will not be limited to fixed structures , It can reduce the cost of time and space , It is easy to adapt to changes in data types and structures .   


The common types of included databases are as follows :

Object oriented database

Document oriented database :MongoDB,CouchDB

Key value pair database :Redis

Column oriented database : Cassandra,Hbase,HyperTable


MySQL and MongoDB The difference between ?

It's relational (RDB) The stored data format is structured data ,RDB The data format in is a two-dimensional table structure , Such a structure can facilitate the connection between tables and other operations . In this two-dimensional table structure , Data consists of rows and columns , A row of data represents a record . A list of contents , Represents an attribute of this line , Or field .

yes NoSQL One of the classes , Yes no relational database , For document data without defining table structure , It has very fast processing speed , adopt BSON Can save and query any type of data . Unable to proceed JOIN handle , But it can be embedded (embed) To achieve the same function .


MySQL <> and MongoDB Both are free and open source databases .

MySQL and MongoDB There are many basic differences, including the representation of data (data
representation), query , relationship , affair ,schema Design and definition of , Standardization (normalization), Speed and performance .

By comparison MySQL and MongoDB, In fact, we are comparing relational and non relational databases .


In addition to the differences already described above , There are also the following differences :

Storage specification :

   The data storage of relational database is more normative , Divide data into smallest relational tables to avoid duplication , Get streamlined space use . Although the management is very clear , But when a single operation is designed to multiple tables , Data management is a bit troublesome . and Nosql Data is stored in a flat dataset , Data can often be duplicated . Individual databases are rarely separated , It's stored as a whole , In this way, the whole data is easier to read and write .


Query methods :

   Relational database operates database through structured query language ( That's what we usually say SQL).SQL Support database CURD The operation is very powerful , Is the industry standard usage . and Nosql Querying data in blocks , It uses unstructured query language (UnQl), There is no standard for it . Corresponding primary key table in relational database Nosql For storing documents in ID.

Relational databases use predefined optimization methods ( For example, the index ) To speed up query operations , and Nosql It has simpler and more accurate data access mode .


Affairs :

   Relational database follows ACID rule ( Atomicity (Atomicity), uniformity (Consistency), Isolation (Isolation), persistence (Durability)), and Nosql Database compliance BASE principle ( Basically available (Basically
Availble), soft / Flexible business (Soft-state ), Final consistency (Eventual Consistency)).

Because of the strong data consistency of relational database , So the support for transactions is good . Relational database supports fine-grained control of transaction atomicity , And it is easy to roll back transactions . and Nosql The database is in CAP( uniformity , usability , Partition tolerance ) Choose two of them , Because in the distributed system based on nodes , It's hard to satisfy all of them , So the support for transactions is not very good , Transactions can also be used , But it's not Nosql The flash point of .


Storage expansion :

   This is probably the biggest difference between the two , Relational database is vertical extension , That is to say, we want to improve the processing capacity , To use a faster computer . Because the data is stored in relational tables , Multiple operation tables may be involved in performance bottlenecks , It needs to be overcome by improving computer performance . Although there is a lot of room for expansion , But it will eventually reach the upper limit of vertical expansion . and Nosql The database is scale out , Its storage is naturally distributed , You can share the load by adding more normal database servers to the resource pool .


Performance :

   In order to maintain the consistency of data, relational database has paid a huge price , The reading and writing performance is poor . In the face of high concurrent read and write performance is very poor , In the face of massive data, the efficiency is very low . and Nosql The storage format is key-value Type , And stored in memory , Very easy to store , And for data
Consistency is Weak requirements .Nosql No need sql Analysis of , Improved read-write performance .


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