1. The boss is going to give his employees the first lesson , In this case, the employee's cells are turned on , sure “ Open your eyes ”. And when employees are promoted to managers like this, they also have classes
2.“ strategy ” Of “ war ” It's from the war , Business school professors can talk about strategy , Can't do strategy
3. Live seriously , Happy work ( It feels like “ What's missing makes up for what's missing ”)
4. strategy :( On three empty roads ) mission , vision , sense of worth ;( Xiasan Road ) organization , personnel ,KPI
5. Strategy is a judgment of the future ,CEO The Chief Strategic Officer
6. Organization building , It's a remedy CEO The short board of
7.manager Responsible for a line ,director Responsible for the coordination of the three lines , The president is responsible for the development of strategy
8. Strategic 3 strip , The team is not good 7 people
9. With priority , You won't be too busy
10. There is a sense of direction only when there is a mission ; A sense of mission needs assessment ; Mission determination route
11. Liangshan heroes have a mission ( enforce justice on behalf of Heaven ), Have values ( Righteousness in the world ), No vision
12. Attract people with mission and vision
13. Use the military by surprise
14. Employees at the bottom must not make mistakes ( earnest ), Senior staff must not be wrong ( policy decision )
15. Enterprises should learn from the army , Organizations can change quickly . The U.S. military has produced many excellent CEO
16. Talent is a necessary condition for success , Hiring is the president , Manager's responsibility ; Keeping people is HR Responsibility for
17. The best employees are self-made
18. There is not enough talent , Organize security to make up for it
19. Good people are not poached
20. People with recruitment rights , You have to fire people
21. It's hard to get into people , It's easy to leave
22. Job rotation is the best way to train talents , It's not a reward , It's responsibility . If you stay in one position for a long time, you will make mistakes
23. Talents are assets , On talent cultivation , It's an important assessment . But promotion is “ Organization Department ” Things about
24. Cadres' mental strength , mental , physical strength . The most important thing is mental strength , The brain is easy to judge
25. Junior general :“ fight a hundred battles , win a hundred victories ”( Avoiding risky war ); Second class general :“ I stand to win ”; First class general :“ I am here , there is none under heaven to equal him ”
26. boss : old -》 teacher ; plate -》 rules
27. No, KPI, Everything is empty talk , do KPI Boss's biggest challenge . Not just for the results , It's about inspiring people's potential
28. Unification of the three ways ,KPI seek unity of action
29.KPI It's a bottom-up discussion , Top down decisions
30. After strategic adjustment ,KPI Adjusted. Yes “ machine ”, It's not adjusted. It's “ dangerous ”

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