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remember 2019
year , There was a failure in wechat payment , After the user initiated the payment , Wechat never calls back , As a result, the orders of merchants who used wechat payment have become unpaid , If the business system is not well designed , There will be a lot of customer complaints in that moment .

It's like the conversation scene below , I believe there must have been a lot at that time :

user : I paid several times , You said you didn't get it ? Don't be kidding .
business : I don't really charge for it . And I thought : This guy doesn't want to be a bully, is he ?

Although big payment platforms like WeChat and Alipay are available. , The probability of major failure is relatively low , But we have to guard against it . Here are some payment problems and corresponding solutions .

<> Third party payment platform cannot pay

Take wechat as an example , image 2019 When wechat payment fails , Meituan , It's in APP
side , Immediately put wechat payment in gray , Guide users to use Alipay payment , Minimize loss and impact . To do that , At least two things have to be done :

* Monitoring the connectivity of wechat payment ( Critical link , Monitoring get bit );
* There must be a switch to block wechat payment , The front end can determine whether to set gray wechat payment button according to this switch .
<> Third party payment platform does not call back

This belongs to the user to give money , Because there is no callback , The business system thinks it didn't receive the money , Very easy to cause customer complaints . We can use timed tasks , Regularly check whether the user's order has been paid .

for instance , You went to the tea shop and bought a cup of milk tea
, After paying by wechat , After the store printer prints out the small ticket and cup sticker , The store staff will start making tea for you . If this time , Wechat payment is out of order , Never call back , Then the small ticket and cup stickers can't be printed , The store staff won't make it for you . If the business system has a scheduled task , every other
2 minute , hold 5 The order was picked up minutes ago , Call the interface of whether wechat order has been paid , If paid , Then the printer is informed to print out the small ticket .

<> Third party payment callback is slow

In the e-commerce order , There is usually an order payment validity period , If the user fails to pay within the validity period , The order will be cancelled , But this is based on the fact that the user didn't pay
Under the premise of , If the payment callback exceeds the payment validity period, it will be recalled , In fact, users paid for it . generally speaking , Payment callback is slow , There are three situations :

* The user pulled up the payment window , But never paid , Payment will be made after the payment is valid ;
* There is a problem with the performance of the third-party payment platform , The payment callback is really slow ;
* Network jitter
For the first case , The interface of payment platform can be used , When pulling up payment , Specify a validity period , I didn't give the money within the validity period , The payment platform will automatically prompt that the transaction has expired .

payment platform Parameters that control the payment validity period
WeChat time_expire
Alipay timeout_express
For example , Call Alipay's pull up payment interface , Set a five minute payment validity period , Once the user exceeds the validity period, he will pay , Alipay will have the following tips. :

For the second and third cases , It can be used in the interface of order cancellation , Refund to users , After all, users gave money .

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