【 incoming letter 】
Dear Mr. He :

   Hello, teacher he , I graduated from college and worked for two years , this year 25 year , What we did was java development . I was recently studying your series of data structure and algorithm foundation courses , Learning has two purposes .1, Consolidate the basic knowledge of algorithm .2, Want to take the postgraduate entrance examination .

   Want to take the postgraduate entrance examination is my innermost thoughts , So in the study time also holds the very contradictory psychology , Is it for postgraduate entrance examination or for improving one's ability .2017 Since graduation in , Two years of work has changed me from a rookie to an independent one , To be honest, I'm quite satisfied with my present job and salary . But I know my vision is limited by the family and the people I interact with , And I'm the most educated person at home . Through these two years of experience , Let me feel the importance of education , A lot of people who don't have a degree can't walk , People with higher education have a higher starting point , Just started to work can kill us this kind of small undergraduate two years of experience , The gap between people is really too big .

   In the past two years, I have often studied and improved myself , I took the exam last year PMP Want to do project management , Then I bought a lot of technical courses to learn , Now I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination again ( I thought about it when I graduated from college ), I'm facing three choices now 1, Keep current job , Improve your ability through constant learning , Seeking higher development .2, Give up your job and take the postgraduate entrance examination , Seeking a higher starting point .3, Transforming project management into technical type . My current situation is always facing these three choices in work and study , If I don't make a choice , Keeping the status quo is actually the first choice , But if I choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, it means giving up my job , Engage in more intense learning , It may even fail . It's very difficult for me to choose now , It's not easy to weigh the pros and cons , Mr. He, can you give me some advice ?

【 reply 】
Hello :

   tell the truth , The most frightening thing is to give advice to the person facing the choice , This great choice in life , It has to be done by the parties themselves , And there should be a mindset : In the most difficult choice of the moment , It's the best choice you can make for yourself , therefore , After all , We should recognize our choices now , Don't complain about yourself “ original ……”. actually , Only with this mentality , So that we can move forward step by step , It's not about letting the past drag on .

   What is your current triple choice :(1) Make progress in the present position ;(2) Postgraduate entrance examination ;(3) transfer to a new post . I think (1) and (2) I want the same destination , I want to have a higher level of inner self ,(1) Will have more work experience , and (2) There will be an external qualification in ; Regardless of the recent election (1) still (2),(3) It may be their common destination : Legendary 35 The truth of being kicked is that , No level of natural elimination is normal , And you should always be able to do the job , When you don't have to do low-end technical work on the front line , It's natural to change jobs . You haven't accumulated much technology in two years , If the time for job transfer is not very good , Think about it later .

   Can focus on continuing to work and postgraduate entrance examination . I think of myself in front of several important choices , Always take out a piece of white paper , List the benefits of each option , loss , risk , And then look at it as a whole . Once the two sides were neck and neck , I even scored on comparable items . Do it in this way. , You can visualize things you can't think of in your brain . For each item , You can ask yourself :“ How important is this item to me ? obtain / What would it mean to me to lose it ? Yes / There is no such item , What will I do ?” In the process of answering these questions , Your own answer appears .

   There are no standard answers to these choices , The difficulty of life lies in choice , The best of life lies in choice , This is a required course in life . I have no courage to show you my position , Because there must be a big gap between the standards and values behind our judgment , My position is almost wrong for you . You can follow my advice , Complete the choice in the self dialogue .
   Choose between two roads that both can reach the destination , The key is , After choosing a period of time to walk this road steadfastly , Cherish the scenery of this road that you have chosen , Instead of thinking about another one all the time .

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