Time flies , time passes quickly like a white pony 's shadow across a crevice , In a twinkling of an eye 2020 year . since 2010 It's been ten years since I graduated in .

From the time I entered school as a child , due 27 It's been a long time . Some teachers have passed away , Some teachers still stick to their educational posts . Life is in such a hurry , Everyone is a traveler .

I was born and grew up in the beautiful land of Cen mountain and stream , There is a river behind home , It is surrounded by mountains , It's hard to get out of town . Before I went to junior high school , There's no chance of going downtown , It's better to go once than to have a holiday . Pre school and primary school holidays , My daily life is basically playing , fields , Gully , Stream , There are footprints of me and my friends . We catch birds on the mountain , Catch fish and shrimp in the river , Fumigate mouse . There was a period , Listening to tan Yonglin's song , While making a model car out of mud , I like the license plate number as 88168, I still have these numbers in my code . The times have changed so much , These childhood lives are still remembered , But it's gone .

<> One , primary school

Remember the first time my mom took me to school , I'm reluctant . After all, it's very different from my previous life . however , Friends of the same age in the same village also go to school together , So there was no big problem .

Food needs to be provided at that time , When farming is busy , The school will have a busy holiday , We're going to help our family plant rice seedlings , Harvest rice , I remember when the rice was finished , And look for missing rice in the field , Because I have to hand in a few pounds to the school .

Used to school , I will abide by the school system , I remember once , Wine served at uncle's house , My mother pulled me away in class , I'm still a little afraid to go . I study fairly well , My parents didn't educate me in the classroom , After all, parents' culture is not high , It can also be directed in preschool and grade one , And then it was on my own , So my self-study ability has been practiced since I was a child . There are many awards from my sister and I on my wall , But parents don't praise it , And no material encouragement , It's only when neighbors and relatives visit their homes , Parents will smile , Brother and sister are also very happy . I'm not very material , Maybe it's about childhood .

Our village is close to Guangdong , So it's deeply influenced by the culture there , I remember that when I was a child, I could receive a black-and-white TV set from Lingnan TV station , TVB Jade . Our kids over there , It seems natural to listen to Cantonese , Besides the Hong Kong drama on TV , There are also people in the village who have VCRs , When there is a film, we often watch it , The lines or actions in it , We will imitate , At that time, I liked to watch martial arts movies , Many years later , I knew it was Jackie Chan , Jet Li , I also like to watch gunfight movies . Now we can receive Zhujiang TV station at home , This is what parents are most interested in .

The school once organized watching Anti Japanese war films , as 《 Tunnel warfare 》 and 《 Mine warfare 》, At that time , Pull a white cloth on the edge of the playground , You have to rock the machine to see it , We have our own benches . of course , Time to play on holidays , And friends will often imitate the action of TV . If you're lucky , I didn't receive it at that time 《 Old foggy 》 The impact of .

My grandmother died when I was in primary school , I was lucky to hear my grandmother tell me stories and nursery rhymes unique to the village , Now I just remember a few words , I can't talk to my kids . And I don't know when my grandfather left , I just remember that time when I went to move my grandfather's grave with my mother, uncle and cousin .

In childhood , The impression of grandparents is relatively shallow , And dad only meets on New Year's day , I live with my mother and sister most of the time . In the words of modern people , I should be a left behind child , But I never think so , There is no distortion in my mind , actually , In my understanding , There is no such concept at all .

There are several poorer people in the village , But there was no difference at all , I even became good friends with some of my friends . But I can feel a different way of life . Who I am now , I often think for others . In junior high school , I heard from the villagers that a girl classmate had married , At that time, I felt the helplessness of life . And lucky me , You can continue reading .

<> Two , junior middle school

Since the millennium, I have been in Zhangmu middle school ( Shiliu middle school ) Finish junior high school , Junior high school teachers have a great influence on my life . I still remember , After the division of classes, teacher Cen, the head teacher, said to us : You are the first class in the new century . I was there 001 class .
Junior high school students' feelings are very thick , Maybe it's because we're all in the same town , Either the same village or the neighboring village , Either the same town or the neighboring town . After graduating from University, he visited the teacher with his classmates . But now I dare not face the teacher any more .

During junior high school, I developed interest in Chinese and English . Now I still keep my interest in literature and ancient prose . I remember when I would write some articles ( Mainly with my mother , Do farm work, etc ) Show it to the District teacher , Later, he was commented on in class , We need to learn . In fact, I am only familiar with writing narrative articles , But I can't write good prose , I am disgusted with the practice of piling up words .

And English has been an integral part of successful work . I have no special way to learn English , Because sister Lu said that , Class notes are reviewed once a week , I did as expected , I remember it later , Even the teacher said half a sentence of grammar , I can say the next sentence . Later, there were several evening self-study , And asked me to speak on the stage .

At that time, I like to name my classmates , For example, my deskmate's name is Niu Ge . But I don't have a name . Every teacher in junior high school has a unique teaching method and style , I can still remember , Sister Lu , Borat , Uncle Liang , Zhi Shu , Mr. Cen , District teacher , Miss Li . Teacher's , It's because of the teacher's classroom , Usually more serious .

You need to get up early , Also developed the habit of running , Until high school , It's just that college life is totally different , I can't hold on to it .

I heard a lot of songs at that time , Mandarin , Cantonese , english , I remember that sister Lu taught us a lot 《My Heart Will Go On》, Uncle Bo taught us 《 It's like an old friend 》, And teacher Cen sang it 《 A Lian 》.

Many teachers have encouraged me , I'm more natural, too , Live up to teachers and parents . Later, he was admitted to the city's key high school .

On the whole , In junior high school , Or a frog in the well , I haven't seen much of the world , Many things are still in the self-awareness . First, there is no chance of contact , Second, they dare not touch . I didn't get my first phone call until I graduated from junior high school .

<> Three , high school

2003 year ~2006 year , Finish high school in Cenxi middle school , In this period, the Chinese language , Interest in English does not decrease junior high school , History and fiction are also within the scope of interest .

I began to contact the Internet in my first year of high school , I applied with the help of my classmates QQ. At that time, I was still a person who only wanted to learn , After going to the Internet bar for the first time , Back to the school gate , Suddenly I felt very guilty , My mother paid for my school , And I went to the Internet bar . It was a long time before I was relieved .

Hard as it is , But there are too many key high schools , No matter which subject you've never taken 130, And some people in key classes , Never lower than 130. I bought a lot of books , All the time . Later, the atmosphere in the class was not good , Talking about stars all day long , Super girl, etc , Once upon a time “ Li Chi ” As a teacher in charge of class , At that time, he boasted that his writing style was different , Thousands of words , And ask different people to sign . Unfortunately, the effect is very little . After the results of college entrance examination come out , Only in the class 4 I crossed a line , I was one of them .

I liked running at that time , But not good at it , Zeng and Lao Tong ( deskmate ) Run to the neighboring town, eat noodles and take the bus back to school . I've also tried running home in an Internet cafe all night .

In high school , I have a deep feeling , Bugo , A Zhuang , Old Tong , And my junior high school classmates , etc .

Although high school knowledge increases , But it's not enough , So I went to Dongguan toy factory with my uncle after high school 1 A month's work . It was an unforgettable experience , First, you can make money on your own —— Although it's only a few hundred . Second, contact with other groups of people . I remember , Days after payday , All the people around you go out , Eat, sing and play , I also played billiards for the first time , Roller skating for the first time . I'll follow you , But not yet assimilated , Because I know , I'm just a passer-by here . Then he went to college , Wrote a word :

Is Jizi successful in Yong ?
Send a book , Study and rest .
No, brother , Lonely and miserable .
Greetings from a Zhuang ,
Ask Deng Yangchi if he is safe ?
Li Chi is speechless , For Deng Yang ,
Relieve their worries .

A good university life .
In four years , Wind test .
How much time , Calligraphy and ink .
Looking back on the high-rise buildings in those days ,
Seeing the wind and rain falling on China .
Success in the future , Rely on the sky to break long waves ,
There are boats .

Travel in the end of the world .
Poverty stricken , Drinking wine .
What is the fate of the past , Know your true friend .
All my life, I'll pay for it ,
A few dreams of traveling around .
Words instead of letters , Words and meanings ,
Late Dun Shou .

<> Four , university

2006 year ~2010 year , Study in Guilin University of Electronic Science and technology . Spend time in Yaoshan Campus 2 year , Spend in the east side 2 year . I've been to the Department , I won a scholarship , Summer jobs , I've done SCM , Built a website , Soldered circuit board , I wrote the code . Systematic study during undergraduate period ( Including self-study ) The basis of computer theory , Yes GNU/Linux Have shallow contact and research .

in the meantime , The ability in all aspects has been greatly improved . Meet people from different provinces , Went to a lot of places to play , Thinking ability , the ability to study independently , It has also been improved . Have a preliminary understanding of society .

During the university period, wood is better , Brother Feng , Lao Yao , Xiao Guo , Feige , Jie , State , boss , Crown , etc .

<> Five , nowadays

Now I have children, too , School again in a few years . Everyone's childhood is different , But the same will have unique memories . I didn't go anywhere , And I didn't experience any other life , But it doesn't mean losing childhood . tell the truth , I'm glad I grew up in the countryside , I'm used to listening to frogs at night , Listen to cicadas in the morning , I also like to watch the rain in the countryside ( Except for the rain when drying rice ). Before junior high school , I often go to the ground with my mother , Planting melons and beans . So I can bear hardships , It's also Hardy .

I am a person who pays more attention to feelings and remembers the past , In the classmate , Affectionate , Apart from university friendliness , It's junior high school students . Sometimes unintentionally , I also remember playing with my friends when I was a child , Especially to the fields near my grandmother's house , Hillside play .

My time as a student is long gone , Left behind , It's a casual memory . perhaps , At some point in the future , I will tell Li Dashui about his father's school life .

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