Some personal questions

1, What is the reason for the slow speed of database query ? How to solve it ?

2, How to implement the front end to the back end ?

3, Specific implementation of functions in your project ?

4, Database transactions ?

5,SQL newly added ?

6, combination MyBatis Talk about the project process ?

7,Springboot advantage ?

8,AOP? IOC??

9,MySQL and Oracle difference ?

10,String Can classes be inherited ?

11, affair ?

12, How to ensure the consistency of front-end and back-end data ?

13, Cross domain issues ? How to solve the problem of cross domain ?

14,jdk and jre The difference between ?

15,Java serial number ? Under what circumstances should the serial number be processed ?

16,session and cookie difference ?

17, Can I make a page ? Have you ever had a front and rear separation ?

18,Redis Cache and MySQL The difference between ?

19,Git and SVN Advantages and disadvantages of ?

20,Spring MVC What is it? ? Explain MVC?

21, Optimization of relational query for database tables ?

22,List,Map,Set difference ?


24, There are Linux Deployed Tomcat Do you ?

25,Arraylist and Linkedlist difference ?

26,MySQL paging ? Back end paging ?

27,int How many bytes ?int The scope of ?

28, Back end annotation ?

29, What are the exceptions and problems encountered in the project ? How did it work ?

30, Connection pool ? The concept of pools ?

31,== and equals difference ?

32,StringBuilder and StringBuffer difference ?

33, Multithreading ?

34, High concurrency ?

35, Interface ?

36,# and $ difference ?

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