<> Personal profile :

school : some 211

education : master

major : software engineering

direction :JAVA

The course of autumn recruitment : We have invested in 13 companies, large and small , Mainly Ali ( Ant gold ), Byte bounce , tencent , Baidu , sound of dripping water , Meituan , Netease, etc , target BAT Take at least one , Fortunately, we received Ali and byte skipping ( Headlines ) Of offer, There are also some second-line factories , Quite satisfied .

<> Sharing of Ali Sutra :

Ali's side ( Telephone ,30 About minutes )

introduce oneself to


What middleware have been used in the project , What message queues have been used

redis Have you used it ?

java spring ioc brief introduction , life cycle

netty Have you used it ? Talk about it nio and bio,aio Differences, etc

hashtable and hashmap The difference between , In the case of high concurrency

Have you ever encountered a deadlock ? What is deadlock , terms of settlement

Processes and threads


( It's a happy ending )

Two sides of Ali ( Telephone ,40 About minutes )

This side mainly asks about the project , Everyone is different , But there are a few things you'd better prepare in advance

What did you do in your project
Difficulties of the project , And how it was conquered ( Knock on the blackboard !!!)
Harvest of the project
Three sides of Ali (40 About minutes )

Educational experience

Project experience

Student work and other things

Technology stack related

All around Ali (HR Noodles )

Personal situation ( Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend , Willing City , Other companies offer etc. )

Family situation

Competition on resume , Student work, etc

If you receive more than one offer How to choose

<> Byte jitter sharing :

Byte side (40 minute )

The comparative basis of one side question


Java Object What are the methods of a class , Separate action

HashMap principle , Thread safety ?

Java How to synchronize threads


JVM garbage collection

Mysql Index principle

How to optimize index query

TCP, congestion control

algorithm : Find the bottom left node of the tree ( I said level traversal , He said yes )

intelligence : Use coins with unequal probabilities , be able to raise a certain amount of money etc. 50%

Byte two sides (60 minute )


The two-sided feeling is mainly about code ability , Basically, it's been coding all the time

What design patterns do you know , Respectively

Handwritten list example -> Thread safe -> How else can I write it

algorithm : Find the first in the unordered array k Big numbers (quick select)

algorithm : Find the minimum value of rotation array ( Dichotomy )

algorithm : Judge whether the binary tree is mirror image ( recursion )

Three sides (40 minute )

The questions asked by the three sides are relatively open

How do you understand back end development

What kind of back-end development experience do you have , What did you do

introduce HashMap, And TreeMap difference

use HashMap Implement a cache with expiration function , How

If multiple threads are required , How to ensure thread safety

If you put all the data in the Map, How much memory does it take

How to learn new knowledge

What books have you read recently

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