“ Man is living against the law of entropy , Life lives on negative entropy .”( Schrodinger 《 What is life 》)

“ It's hard work , But it's really comfortable to lie down .”

Schrodinger said : Man is living against the law of entropy , Life feeds on negative entropy .

This is another truth that only a few people know and worth remembering .

Complete expression of entropy increasing law :

In an isolated thermodynamic system , Without external force , Entropy never decreases . If the process is reversible , Then its entropy remains unchanged , If the process is irreversible , Then entropy increases .
This is from a German named Clausius 1854 Concept proposed in : It is impossible to transfer heat from a low-temperature body to a high-temperature body without causing other changes . It is also famous “ Second law of thermodynamics ”.

Drucker introduced entropy into management : Management has only one thing to do , It's how to fight against entropy .

“ Law of entropy increase ” The key insight is : The complexity of the universe is always increasing , Everything tends to change to a lower energy state .

For example, the room is always unconsciously from neat and orderly to chaotic , Because the way to make it messy is much easier than to be neat .

Entropy is always increasing , Things tend to go from order to disorder , Look at the universe as a whole , All stars run out of fuel and die , Proton decay , Black hole fusion , evaporation , Reach the end of the universe —— Heat death . Time has an arrow , And pointing in the direction of chaos .

Hope in despair is : Even if the whole universe is always entropy increasing , But entropy reduction can be realized in a certain region .

Thunder · Kurzweil is here 《 Heart of machine 》 What is intelligence , He agreed with a statement :“ Intelligence is the ability to find order in chaos ”. Essentially , Intelligence is the simulation of human thinking process .

conversely , study , The ability to use knowledge is similar to intelligence , And an important learning method of intelligence is “ Modeling ”.

Human understanding of things , It's a process of modeling in the mind , The brain simply can't store a lot of disordered information , Therefore, we need to keep looking for laws in the huge knowledge base , Sum up experience , Formation model , Models help us understand the world more clearly .

The advantage of the model is that it can be reused , After building a scientific model, we can respond to changes with the same , And compared with ordinary machines , What's the advantage of human beings “ Transfer learning ” ability , That is, if the model performs well in the field of natural science , It may also be applied in the field of social sciences , infer other things from one fact , achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject .

What Taoism calls : One begets Two , Two begets Three , Three begets all things .

And the method of constructing thinking model , It can also lead to the pyramid principle , taxonomy , Multiple thinking model and other specific theories , It's not going to unfold here , If you look too much, you will find that you are talking about the same thing , It emphasizes classification , arrangement , Inductive ability , In order to form a perfect knowledge system , Of course, it takes a lot of deliberate practice to use it .

What's more, it's worth mentioning , We can't just have a few simple models , It's about as many dimensions as possible , Interdisciplinary construction model , Otherwise, we're all just watching , fall into “ self ” The misunderstanding of .

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