A picture is introduced at the beginning of the article .

This picture is from Lao Luo's blog . In order to avoid unnecessary trouble , First of all, I personally respect Lao Luo . As for why you put this picture , Naturally, it serves this blog , I'll explain it later . okay , It's time to start today's post .

Annotation Chinese translation is annotation , The meaning of annotation , stay Java Chinese annotation is a very important knowledge point , But it's still a little difficult for beginners to understand .

I personally think that , One of the main features of poor technical documentation is that : Introduce professional terms with professional terms .

such as :

Java Annotations are used for Java Code provides metadata . As metadata , Annotations don't directly affect your code execution , But there are also types of annotations that can actually be used for this purpose .Java The annotation is from
Java5 Start adding to Java Of .

This is most sites for Java
annotation , The explanation is correct indeed , But to be honest , When I first studied , The mind is blank . What and what ? It's like I didn't hear it . Because the concept is too abstract , So beginners are really struggling to understand , And then with their own development process to strengthen the practice , Will gradually form a correct understanding of it .

When I was writing this article , I was thinking . How to let oneself or readers understand the concept of annotation intuitively ? Do you want to translate the instructions on the official documents ? I immediately denied the answer .

later , I think of one thing ———— Ink , Ink can evaporate , There can be different colors , It's just right to explain the annotation .

however , After I continue to spread my mind , Thought of one thing that could be a better substitute for ink , That's the seal . Seals can be stained with different inks or inks , You can customize the text or pattern of the seal , It can also be poked into any surface you want to poke if you like .

however , After I continue to spread my mind , I think of another thing that can better replace the seal , That's the label . The label is a piece of convenience paper , The content on the label can be defined freely . Common, such as the price tag on the shelf , Book coding label in Library , The name, category and label of chemical materials in the laboratory .

also , In the abstract , A label doesn't have to be a piece of paper , It can be about people

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