Brain map :

Check the whole machine :top

case :

This program is always running in the background :

top Command view

  result :

uptime: View compact version of system performance

see CPU:vmstat

us + sy The reference value is 80%, If us + sy greater than 80%, It may exist CPU Insufficient .

View all CPU:mpstat -p all Number of views per second

case : Print every two seconds

View progress CPU The situation :pidstat -u 1 -p Process number

case :

view memory :free

pidstat -p Process number -r Sampling interval seconds

View hard disk :df

df -h View as human

View disk IO:lostat -xdk Interval seconds frequency

case : View disk io Every two seconds , Three times in all

pidstat -p 2 -p 5101

  View network IO:ifstat

Download and install :

see :

Summary :

CPU Analysis of over occupied positioning

combination Linux and JDK Commands are used together

use top Order to find out cpu The highest proportion

use ps -ef perhaps jps Further positioning , Know what kind of background program is wrong

Locate specific threads or code

result :

Switch the required thread to 16 Bit format ( English lowercase format )

The first one :

The second kind :( Recommended )

It's lowercase 13ee

jstack process ID | grep tid (16 Binary thread id Lowercase English )

Locate this There is something wrong with the tenth line of this document

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