Chinese New Year is coming , My mother decided to go back to my hometown to buy wheat flour . After taking over my parents this winter , The noodles at home are very expensive , After the industrious mother took care of her father and little daughter , Keep pressing noodles , Steamed bread , Said the mother :“ The noodles steamed buns I bought didn't taste like noodles .” Plus my sister's family is coming back from Guangzhou for the Spring Festival , Mother was determined not to buy noodles , Insist on going back home to grind noodles , I know my mother wants her daughter thousands of miles away to eat her own flour .

On a fine weekend , I went home with my mother early . Although the family has the care of neighbors , There is still a lack of popularity . I'll help my mother clean the yard first , Then, from the granary in the wing room, he took out the wheat washing tools such as sieves and thin baskets , Looking at the granary against the wall of a row of grain tanks , I feel familiar and strange , I can't remember when I was last in the barn . Open a tightly pressed vat of wheat , Mother picked up a handful of wheat and rubbed it between her palms , Rustling .“ This is last year's wheat !” Mother said to herself , It's like rubbing your own kids , There was a light on his face . Mother says new wheat storm , The old wheat is delicious , There is always wheat for two or three years in the family . in one's childhood , One of the things my mother often says is “ There's food at home, and you don't panic ”, As you get older , Rich experience , Mother's simple words contain the philosophy of life , Only I am rich in my heart , Only in the years of quiet training , self , Pleasant .

To clean wheat is to pour the wheat into a big basin full of water , Water should be full but not overflowing , The wheat will sink completely into the water , See the mother first with a hedge into the water of wheat, fully stirred after a few circles , Wheat husks and other miscellaneous materials in the wheat float to the surface of the water , Mother used a hedge to clean the wheat husks floating on the water , Draw a circle on the surface of the water clockwise along the basin with a hedge , The wheat in the water lined up obediently , Dancing with my mother's fence , The mixture of wheat, pebbles and other debris left at the bottom of the pot , When the wheat in the water is dancing happily , Mother dexterously tipped the back edge of the fence down , Suddenly stop turning , And the wheat went into the fence . So mother fished out a sieve one by one , I'll pick it up and pour it into the big thin basket on the small table , Cover your hands with a large piece of white cotton cloth , Insert into the wheat and rub it back and forth , Wipe it for a while and weigh up the cotton cloth , Shake off the wheat on it , Dry and wipe , If the water is muddy , Just wash the cotton cloth and wipe it , The cotton cloth can't be twisted out of water , Then the wheat can be spread on the bamboo mat to dry . Not for a while , Two bags of wheat are washed out . The mother said as she cleaned up the house :“ Now the wheat is harvested by machines , clean , It's not as dirty as it was on the wheat field , Taotao .” Looking at the golden wheat in the sun , Mother's face is full of happy smile , My heart also experienced a kind of long lost steadiness .

I had lunch at Uncle Wu's house , I've been nagging for a while , The sun is already to the West , The days are short in winter , My mother and I started to clean up , Pack up the wheat and go to the city , Got home before dark .

Machines are used for grinding , Relatively relaxed , But it took a lot of trouble to find a flour mill , Inquire from all sides , Just found a small mill in a remote village in the outer suburbs , Fortunately, the wheat was wet , And in the winter courtyard to dry two days to pull to grind . Look at the white flour , The smile on Mother's face became more and more brilliant . I'm going to move the flour to the car , Mother won't let it , Said the mother :“ You're not used to work , Don't stain your clothes , Let's carry it .”

When I bent down to carry the flour with my mother , My mother's white hair pierced my heart like a needle , Raw pain . Every time my mother accurately calculated the time I went back to my hometown , Take the oil , Noodles and vegetables should be well prepared , Good food is waiting for us , And I always come back in a hurry , Go in a hurry , It's not work , That is, the children have to go to a tutorial class , Never considered that the dish and noodles are full of mother's hardships . Parents have paid so much for us , I am already a father , What did you do for your parents ? We can spend the Spring Festival with our parents this year , I want to turn off my cell phone , Close wechat , Stay at home , Learn to cook two homely dishes from my mother , I'll talk to my father ……

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