I was already working in a big factory Android Developers , This year has been particularly difficult :

* The number of jobs to be employed is as high as 874 ten thousand ! Fierce competition for talents !
* The epidemic has reduced the recruitment needs of most companies ! The requirement of talent recruitment is higher and higher !
Don't say that offer, It's hard to go out and do odd jobs now …

“ Previous work , What did I get ?”

“ Except for the thinning hair , And growing dark circles , What else ?”

“ Optimized , Empty pocket , Another epidemic , What should I do if I want to apply for a job soon , It's going to cry ”

“ There was a time when code was written , I feel bored every day , You have to work overtime , Now there's no code to write , Just feel how happy before , The present state —— Lying dead every day ing”

exactly , The economy is not doing well this year , But we have to figure out a reality , That's it : It's not that the enterprise will not recruit people , They want to recruit talents with high professional ability !

In the case of a sharp reduction in enterprise recruitment demand , We can see that there is a kind of company that is expanding rapidly , Tencent in particular , Ali , Tiktok , Internet Co Kwai , Users soared during the outbreak , Not only has recruitment demand not shrunk, it has skyrocketed 30%.

The first on the left is the demand for talents in the Internet industry , Much higher than other industries .

and , The epidemic has forced a large number of traditional industries to be interconnected , It also means more talent for the Internet , One of the most urgent is excellent Android senior engineer .

I was there the other day Boss See it on the direct employment ,Android The salary for the development post has reached 4 ten thousand / month .

The key is that internet jobs have very little restrictions on their majors , The future development prospects and the space for salary increase are very large .

Android,Java And other development positions with salary as high as 6 ten thousand / month

These data also show that : Now enter the Internet industry to do the development post , It's the best time .

I haven't found a job yet Android Developers , Take this opportunity to get ready ! It's just that the knowledge system is incomplete , Lack of project experience
It's the present Android Common problems of developers , Insufficient technical strength , How can you get a good one offer? So the most important thing for us now is to learn , Constantly improve your ability , Are you afraid that you can't find a job when you have a strong ability ?

After all, excellent talents are popular everywhere

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