It was written into the government work report for the first time “ New infrastructure ”, Undoubtedly, it has become one of the most powerful industrial outlets . With cloud computing , artificial intelligence ,5G, The Internet of things and other digital technologies continue to enable industrial transformation , The demand for digital infrastructure is more urgent ,“ New infrastructure ” It has become an important symbol of digital development .

For enterprises ,“ New infrastructure ” It is definitely not a simple cost reduction and efficiency increase , We should take the new development concept as the guide , Driven by technological innovation , Based on Information Network , Release industrial value . In the epidemic situation
“ new normal goals ” lower , How to realize the transition from operation process to management process through technological innovation , It will be a new topic for enterprises and employees in various industries to enjoy the dividend brought by digital transformation .

<> New infrastructure and new power ,RPA Become a new digital tool for enabling enterprises

New infrastructure is an advanced intelligent technology , It is also the infrastructure for enabling the smart economy , It represents a new development path and ecosystem of society and enterprises , Artificial intelligence is one of the core themes of the new infrastructure , The innovation value of digital economy is also increasingly prominent . The gradual maturity of the artificial intelligence industry has also spawned more “ intelligence ” Technology deployment in different scenarios , Implementation and Application , In order to enable the digital transformation of various industries . in recent years , Robot process automation (Robotic
Process Automation, hereinafter referred to as “RPA”) It is an important direction in the development of intelligent field .

at present , Some traditional enterprises file tax returns in finance , Deduction , Business management , Human salary management , Data collection and other routine operations , Still put in a lot of manpower and time . These complicated “ Fixed action ” Imprison the development of enterprise staff , It adds a lot of costs to the enterprise .RPA Technology, on the other hand, can replicate employees from large numbers , Tedious , Liberation in work with low added value , Engage in more valuable and creative work , Help enterprises optimize manpower deployment effectively , broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure , Reduce cost and increase efficiency of process and management , And then promote the reform process of enterprises .

Automation Anywhere Is to own more than 15 Years of experience RPA enterprise , Make the most of its original RPA,AI, And embedded analysis three in one technology ,Automation
Anywhere Provide intelligent digital labor platform based on cloud , Help enterprises explore more new driving forces for development on the digital road . nowadays ,Automation Anywhere
In the world 90 A number of countries and regions have deployed 180 Ten thousand robots , Coverage , communication , finance , manufacturing , Leading enterprises in key fields such as communication industry .

“Automation Anywhere The intelligent digital labor force is put forward creatively (Digital Workforce)
The concept of , This platform can be based on established rules , Read and input information accurately , It also combines complex robot process automation , Artificial intelligence driven robot and embedded analysis . It can make intelligent decisions , It's like people operating behind their backs . Employees work side by side with software robots on enterprise platforms , Can solve a lot of repetitive work , Help enterprises reduce operating costs , Release the vitality of innovation , At the same time, it greatly improves the satisfaction of employees .”Automation
Anywhere Vice president of Greater China and Southeast Asia (Chern-Yue Boey) say .

<> Digital labor force helps all walks of life to fight the epidemic

At present, Xinguan epidemic is still rampant in the global industrial chain ,Automation Anywhere Solutions have been provided to all walks of life around the world , Promote the resumption of work and production , Help fight the epidemic .Automation
Anywhere Give full play to the advantages of leading digital platform in the industry , In aviation , hotel , bank , Government health care , Key areas such as public affairs , Ensure the productivity and business continuity of enterprise customers .

Aviation Hotel Industry : Automation
Anywhere A new artificial intelligence robot , Novel coronavirus pneumonia can help airlines and hotels speed up the cancellation of unprecedented number of customer orders due to new crown pneumonia . It can automatically extract ticket information from archived customer e-mails , Open the booking and refund application , And verify the passenger reservation record (PNR), Customer itinerary , Airline bonus points , Coupon status and commission , Process application and issue e-Voucher , There is no need to increase personnel .

meanwhile ,RPA Robots also help telecommuting workers access data from their homes , So that the hotel customer service seats can cooperate and communicate anywhere , Solve customer service needs , Reduce waiting time . such as , A large airline has used it RPA Simplify and speed up the flight cancellation workflow , Change processing time from 20 Minutes reduced to 3 Within minutes .

Banking and Finance : After the outbreak of the new crown crisis , The U.S. network of lending institutions and community banks is helping small businesses meet the deadline for filing applications ( only 10 day ) Fund application within .

Anywhere Salary protection loan program for banks (PPP) robot , Through the automatic extraction of application data and information fast , Efficient and accurate input to the small business administration (SBA) The loan issuing portal of , The loan processing has been greatly accelerated . Banks simplify the acceptance process of loan application through robots , Shorten the application cycle from the usual three weeks to just three days .

Government and public utilities : NHS in the UK (NHS) Working with Microsoft , use Automation
Anywhere Artificial intelligence IQ Robot extracts patient's key information , The novel coronavirus pneumonia case is processed quickly and accurately for WHO .A

Anywhere With technical partners NetCraft cooperation , Making Macao epidemic prevention real-time interactive map based on GPS The dashboard of . It can use robots to collect data and provide information about the location of the infection , Hospital waiting time and local mask supply, etc .

in addition , New robots can quickly respond to global epidemic challenges , And create a real-time epidemic map , Obtain mask inventory , Isolation site , Test site , School isolation area and emergency funds and other related information .

<> Digital transformation continues to deepen , New development of capital construction

More and more enterprise customers begin to realize that , Intelligent digital technology can bring strong support .RPA Using robot as virtual labor force , Can be more close to the human level of business processes to complete automation operations , Ensure work quality and avoid human error . The actual demand of enterprise efficiency and cost reduction and the strategic planning of digital future , All for RPA The development and maturity of technology in China provides fertile soil , Also for Automation
Anywhere It brings new development opportunities .

since 2019 Entering the Chinese market at the beginning of the year ,Automation
Anywhere Set up sales , market , Comprehensive team for training and local support , Its local ecosystem has grown more than ten times . In order to enhance the anti risk ability of enterprises ,Automation
Anywhere Recently, the digital labor platform has been further upgraded , An enhanced human-computer collaboration solution was launched , be based on API Seamless integration of , Can be promoted RPA New developer portal for skills , Private type Bot
Store And other measures .

Automation Anywhere China general manager Yan Lizhong said ,
“ We emphasize working with partners in Chinese market , promote RPA Digital labor solutions as a whole to help enterprises transform .” Yan added ,“ at present ,Automation
Anywhere We have been working with various consulting companies ,IBM And domestic leading solution providers have established strategic alliances , It will also accelerate cooperation with local cloud service providers , Jointly explore and enrich the extension of new infrastructure , Through industry leading digital labor solutions , Help enterprises create more development space .”

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