The bag is 1983 Young people , stay IT Field work 12 year , At present in a private listed company do senior Android Development Engineer , I'm a little tired recently , Feel that career development has encountered a bottleneck , Want to transform project management or product management , I don't know how to do it , Through the expert APP search “ An Xiaohui ” Found me .

We talked for a while , I Know , What does Xiaobao do , Mainly Android System application development and transplantation , be situated between Android Application development and Framework Between development .

I asked Bao :“ What makes you want to transform ?”

Small bag :“ On the one hand, it's because of the current work , There is no room for improvement , A little tired ; on the other hand , It's a middle-aged crisis for older programmers .”

I :“ Your current company , Is there any upward space ?”

Small bag :“ Say yes , There are still some , estimate 2 About , However, the performance of these two years should be better .”

I :“ Be with you , Developers your age or two or three years older than you , Really? ?”

Small bag :“ Yes 2,3 Personal , Less .”

I :“ Why do you think this is ? perhaps , What do you think of older development ?”

Small bag :“ Older programmers , Unless you master the core technology , General application development will have serious problems . For example , There is an age limit on recruitment , requirement 35 Under the age of , I'm over the age , It's embarrassing to find a job now . Let's take another example , Family pressure of older programmers , The economic pressure is relatively high , You can't work overtime , There is no advantage over young people .”

I :“ What are the advantages of older programmers ?”

Small bag :“ Advantages of older people , It should be experience .”

I :“ Do you have any advantages in this respect ?”

Small bag :“ No, , It can't be reflected . What I do , People who have worked for two or three years can do it .”

I :“ Your department , Project , Is it the core of the company ?”

Small bag :“ The company has just been established in our city , The core project is not here yet .”

I :“ You have so many years of experience in the development direction , Do you want to continue digging in this direction ?”

Small bag :“ Move up to the application layer , I don't have any complete application development experience , Not competitive . Go to the bottom , The technology itself is a bit difficult , I'm old , It's a bit of a failure . and , I'm worried, too , In case the company is in recession , Change jobs in the future , Our place , Similar jobs are hard to find . Now it seems , Huawei and other companies , Huawei , I'm over the age , Education is not enough .”

I :“ What's the other direction of transformation , What do you think of ?”

Small bag :“ Project manager or R & D manager .”

I :“ Like you do Andro

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