Recently, I was flustered by my graduation , Four years of college is a flash of one's fingers , I'm at the end of my sophomore , It took three years ( Take the prep ), I haven't passed level Four , Professional knowledge is not firm and outstanding , Now there is no direction , So I can only read more , Even if you read in the wrong direction ... So I have some books to read during the summer vacation .

        target :

                    (1) Do not fail in the final examination , There should even be one or two more brilliant .

                    (2)18 year 12 Grade 4 in the month , It's not the end .

                    (3) Try to finish all the books borrowed from the library during the summer vacation .

        plan :

                    (1) The subjects for the final examination are : English reading, writing and Translation , Audio Visual English , Marx , Principles of Computer Organization , computer network , data structure .

         Take advantage of the course design of computer organization principle to review this subject , We have completed the course design , I reviewed the subject again . After completing the course design, it is the course design of data structure , But not just data structures , During the day, we mainly look at the data structure , In the evening, I began to watch the content of computer network . Marx and English , Let's see how the students review .

                    (2) Level Four is not the end point , English must be studied persistently . I'm going to start from scratch , Keep reciting the words , Learn grammar again .

                    (3) Study in summer vacation , Insist on summarizing your reading notes through blog , Can't read or forget , Forget to open the first page again .        

Simple feedback :

  The summer plan is basically aborted , The main reason is not seizing their own time , More fun , Although I insist on learning English and Python, But the efficiency is very low . The utilization of time is particularly low , The whole holiday was quite casual , There are personal reasons , There is also the hardware environment at home . So it's a pity that the plan failed again .

  I did well in the last semester , Two of the three courses are above 80 points , One, with the help of teachers, will also 80, Although I didn't get a 90 , But I think my review still got the due score , So I think hard work will be reflected in the results . I hope I won't be frustrated by the failure of summer vacation , keep trying .

        This semester, I plan to start learning the front end under the advice of my classmates , Hope to have a good job in a year .

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