One ,【 Scope of agreement 】
1.1【 Scope of application of agreement 】
This agreement is an agreement between you and biqige on your use of the service .
1.2【 Service content 】
The services under this agreement refer to the services provided by biqige to users VIP Member services ( hereinafter referred to as “ This service ”).
VIP Member services , It refers to the payment of a certain monthly service fee according to the specified way of biqu Pavilion , Users can follow the VIP Member service types and related agreements of biqu Pavilion

Pen interest Pavilion may be based on the needs of users , Changes of products and service types, etc , For existing VIP Member services to adjust and constantly introduce new VIP Types of Member Services . Biqu Pavilion may also launch different services at different times , In order to constantly improve , Optimize the service . specific VIP To publish the service content of related members , The content actually provided shall prevail . You can choose the appropriate service according to your needs .

The specific content of this service you enjoy may be due to the level , Annual fee , Opening period , The specific service category you choose will vary , Usually high level , Opening annual fee service , In case of long opening period, etc , You will enjoy more services , Specific to the relevant service page published , The content actually provided shall prevail .
Two ,【 Prudent Trading 】
2.1 When you pay VIP Before member service fee , Please be sure to confirm your choice carefully VIP Name of member service , Amount of expenses , number , term , content , Restrictive requirements and other important matters , And fill in the necessary information accurately .
Your behavior should be based on real needs , No hoarding is allowed , Reselling , Abuse of privileges and other acts to disrupt the normal order of information services . Based on the need of maintaining information service order and transaction security , In case of any of the above situations, biquge can take the initiative to close the relevant payment , Cancel the transaction and other operations .
According to the actual needs of biqu Pavilion, the charging standards of charging services may be set , Methods are modified and changed . If you need to obtain , Using this service , Please understand the charging standard of this service in advance , Methods and other information . When biquge reduces the charging standard of charging service or changes the charging service to free service , Biqige reserves the right not to provide refund or fee adjustment to the original paying users .
You understand and agree , You can enjoy the corresponding VIP The privileges of member services can only be used for the duration of their validity . If you fail to exercise such privileges during all or part of the validity period , It is deemed that you voluntarily give up such services , No refund will be made to you .
Three , Rights and obligations
3.1 【 About charges 】

This service is a charge service provided by biqu Pavilion , You must pay the corresponding fee according to the service charge standard , To use the service . in addition , You can also enjoy it by accepting gifts from friends and other ways recognized by biqu Pavilion , Using this service .
3.2【 Service opening 】
3.2.1 In order to maintain the pen interest Pavilion VIP The needs of member service order and transaction security , You may not perform any of the following actions :
(1) For profit , The purpose of operation and other non personal use is to open the service for oneself or others ;
(2) Through any robot software , Spider software , Crawler software , Swipe the screen software and any other program , Open the service for yourself or others by software ;
(3) Open the service for yourself or others by any improper means or in a way that violates the principle of good faith ;
(4) Open the service for yourself or others in a way not specified by biqu Pavilion ;
(5) Open this service for yourself or others by infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of biqu pavilion or others ;
(6) Through other violations of relevant laws , Administrative regulations , national policy , Open the service for yourself or others by means of public order and good customs .
3.3 【 Service period 】
3.3.1 The service period of this service is subject to the period you choose and pay the corresponding service fee , You can also log in to biquge recharge center or the corresponding page of this service .
3.3.2 The maximum period of service opening of this service will be limited , Specifically, the rules formulated by biqu Pavilion shall prevail .
3.4 【 Code of conduct 】

You must abide by laws and regulations when using this service , No production , copy , release , Disseminating information or engaging in related activities with the following contents , And not for production , copy , release , Facilitate the dissemination of information containing the following contents or engaging in related activities :
(1) Against the basic principles established in the constitution ;
(2) Endangering national security , disclose state secrets , Subversion of state power , Undermining national unity ;
(3) Damage to national honor and interests ;
(4) Inciting national hatred , Ethnic discrimination , Undermining national unity ;
(5) Undermining the state's religious policy , Advocating heresy and feudal superstition ;
(6) Spreading rumors , Disturbing social order , Undermining social stability ;
(7) Spread obscenity , pornographic , gambling , violence , murder , Terrorizing or abetting crime ;
(8) Insult or slander others , Infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others ;
(9) Violating the bottom line of laws and regulations , The bottom line of socialist system , Bottom line of national interests , The bottom line of citizens' legitimate rights and interests , Bottom line of social public order , The bottom line of moral fashion and the bottom line of information authenticity “ Seven bottom lines ” Required ;
(10) Relevant laws and regulations , Policy or this Agreement , Related agreements , Prohibited by rules, etc .
3.4.2【 User prohibited behavior 】
This service is for your personal use only , Except with the written permission of pen fun court , You are not allowed to :
(1) Collect the user names of other users in this service by any means , E-mail and other related information , And send spam , Chain mail , Junk SMS , Instant messaging and other means of interference , Harassing other users ;
(2) Include advertising through this service , propaganda , Information about sales promotion, etc ;
(3) Re license the service to others ;
(4) Other behaviors without written permission of biquge .
3.4.3【 Be responsible for your actions 】

You fully understand and agree , You must be responsible for all actions under your registered account , This includes, but is not limited to, any content you publish and any consequences thereof . You should judge the content of this service , And bear all risks arising from the use of the content , Including the correctness of the content , Risks arising from reliance on integrity or practicality .
3.5【 Changes in services , Suspension or termination 】
You fully understand and agree , Because of the particularity of Internet service , Biqu Pavilion may comply with relevant laws and regulations , Both parties agree or when necessary , Discontinue or terminate the service to you , At that time , Biqu Pavilion will protect your legal rights and interests according to law .
Four ,【 Liability for breach of contract 】
If biqige finds out or receives reports from others that you have violated this agreement , Biqu pavilion has the right to make independent judgment according to law and take technical measures to delete it , Block or disconnect related information . meanwhile , Biqu pavilion has the right to determine the nature of your behavior , Take actions against you including but not limited to suspending or terminating part or all of the service , Discontinue or terminate your use of the service , Investigate your legal responsibility and other measures , There is no need to refund any fees to you , And this brings you the loss ( Including but not limited to communication interruption , Relevant data clearing , The unused service fee shall be owned by biquge as liquidated damages ), It's up to you , Causing the loss of biqu Pavilion , You should also compensate .
4.2 【 Treatment of third party damage 】
You are in breach of this agreement , Causing damage to any third party , You should take the responsibility independently ; The loss of biqu Pavilion , You should also compensate .
Five ,【 other 】
5.1 【 Agreement update 】
Biquge has the right to modify the terms of this agreement if necessary . You can check the latest agreement terms on the relevant page . After the publication of the terms of this Agreement , If you continue to use the service , It is deemed that you have accepted the revised agreement .
5.2 【 Place of signing the agreement 】
This agreement is signed in the people's Republic of China
5.3 【 Applicable law 】
Establishment of this Agreement , take effect , perform , Interpretation and dispute resolution , The laws of the mainland of the people's Republic of China shall apply ( Excluding conflict of laws ).
5.4 【 Dispute resolution 】
If there is any dispute or dispute between you and biquge , First of all, it should be settled through friendly consultation ; No negotiation , You agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the place where this agreement is signed ( That is Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province ) The people's court with jurisdiction shall have jurisdiction .
5.5 【 Clause title 】
The headings of all clauses in this Agreement are for convenience of reading only , There is no real meaning in itself , Can not be used as the basis for interpretation of the meaning of this agreement .
5.6 【 Effect of clause 】
The provisions of this Agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason , The remaining provisions remain in force , Binding on both parties

Automatic renewal service rules

These rules are deemed to be 《 Biquge service agreement 》 Supplementary agreement , It is an integral part of it , It forms a unified whole , As the rules and 《 Biquge service agreement 》 Conflicting , These Rules shall prevail . If you need to use VIP Member Renewal Service , Consent to these rules is required .
You understand and agree :
1, Service name : Auto subscribe .

2, This service is not available before you open it VIP Under the premise of service , Automatic renewal service for you . If you open VIP Member services , Is deemed authorized by you VIP Members have the right to VIP When the membership service is about to expire , From your own recharge account , Third party payment account bound with member account , bank card , Communication account ,iTunes account ( Hereinafter referred to as “ account ”) The monthly fee of the next billing cycle will be deducted from the balance . This service is implemented on the premise that you have VIP The member account is bound to the above account , And can be successfully deducted from the above account , Payment failure due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account , It's up to you .
VIP There are four ways to order :
The first one :45 element /1 Months , each 1 Months automatic renewal .
The second kind :270 element /6 Months , each 6 Months automatic renewal .
The third kind :363 element /12 Months , each 12 Months automatic renewal .

3, purchase VIP Member's account number , It will be before the expiration date 24 hour , Automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fee . If opened 1 Months VIP Member auto Renewal Service , be VIP Automatically deduct fees from the account and extend before the expiration of member services 1 Months VIP Membership validity . Purchase automatic renewal of different months at different time points VIP In the case of members , Will be automatically renewed with the last opened VIP Members shall prevail . If opened 1 Months VIP Member auto renewal , It opened again this month 6 Months VIP Member auto renewal , Then the service will be automatically deducted from the account and extended before the service expires 6 Months VIP Membership validity .
4, To cancel automatic renewal , At least in advance 24 Hour operation cancelled . You may discontinue or terminate the service in the following ways :
Apple in app payment (IAP payment ,in-app purchase) Automatic renewal user unsubscribe method is as follows : Turn on the iPhone “ set up ” --> get into “iTunes Store And
App Store”–> click “Apple ID”, choice " see Apple ID", get into " Account settings " page , click “ subscribe ”, Cancel corresponding service
5, The same appleid Only one account can be opened for automatic renewal service .

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