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  21 The first decade of the century , It's a decade of change . Standing at the beginning of the next decade , China is on the way to innovation . More challenges and opportunities coexist .

   As a generation fortunate enough to participate in and witness China's reform and opening up and economic take-off , We have to face the future more . For China's future development , I have a lot to look forward to . The next decade , I look forward to the deepening of China's educational reform , Cultivate more innovative talents ; I expect Chinese enterprises not only to become bigger , More powerful ; I am looking forward to a big step forward in China's social innovation ; I also look forward to a more convenient lifestyle for the Chinese people , Smarter .

   Just IT Industry , Only in the past year , A lot of things happened , There are also a lot of hot topics —— From the national policy level , We are talking about the Internet of things , Triple play , strategic emerging industries ; From a global perspective , Internet computing is a hot topic in the industry , cloud computing ,iPad, Intelligent mobile phone , Smart TV and other topics . that , The whole thing IT What is the state of the industry now ? What's the next way ? Facing the next decade ,IT Industrial Innovation , Where are the growth opportunities ?

   We are standing at a crossroads . It's not just because we happen to be at the turn of two decades , At a deeper level, it is because the application trend and industrial form are changing .

   Let's talk about the Internet first . Internet is one of the most important information technology infrastructure , In the past few decades , For Industry , The economy and society bring about changes again and again . And I believe , The power of innovation bred by the Internet , Will continue to gush out .

   In fact, today IT The root cause of all changes in industry , It is closely related to the evolution of the Internet . The first generation of Internet , Different users get the same content on the same website . To the second generation Internet , that is Web2.0, People with common interests form an online community together , More sharing , More participation and interaction are the main features . And now , without doubt , We have entered the era of the third generation Internet .

   I prefer to call it the personalized Internet . A clear trend , The Internet is becoming more and more personalized —— except PC outside , Netbooks , tablet PC , Intelligent mobile phone , Smart TV , Diversified personal experience terminals such as vehicle information equipment , All have the ability to access the network , The ubiquitous Internet is becoming a reality .

  2010 year iPad Popularity is a typical example ——iPad Except for the strong visual impact , Multi touch interface , Easy to use , Portability and long battery life , It has a large number of applications and content that can meet personalized needs , From primary school students to retired old people , People of all ages can love it , Can find their own interesting things to experience everyone likes iPad The reasons for this can be different . This is one of the characteristics of personalized Internet , That is to meet personalized needs to the maximum extent .

   Talk about it again PC. I want to read today's PC. I think today PC The meaning of personal computer (Personal Computer) To personal computing (Personal
Computing).2011 We are about to usher in PC be born 30 anniversary , Computers have changed from luxury goods to necessities for people's work and life today .

   beyond all doubt , Computers are work oriented , General equipment supplemented by experience , Use it to create content , Processing information is very efficient . up to now , I haven't seen any alternative tools and equipment , Comparable to computers for work and content creation . Corresponding to this , Emerging smart phones , Tablet PC and other personalized devices , To enjoy the content , Application experience as the main purpose , Its excellent experience effect shows the characteristics of personalized Internet .

   When we look forward to the era of personalized Internet , We can see clearly :“ Create content ”(content creation) and “ content consumption ”(content
consumption) There is a clear distinction between the two modes of use . They are for different user needs , The requirements for equipment are also different . If we confuse the two application models , Blend together , It will inevitably lead to confusion and even disappointment , We should not seize the next innovation opportunity of the industry with a clear mind .

   Further development of personalized Internet , The personalized needs of users are increasingly highlighted , We're looking for a freer experience —— Don't want to be exposed to the environment , space , Time and even equipment constraints . Hot topic in the industry —— Computing from interconnection , Triple play to cloud computing , Its ultimate goal is to help users achieve “ anytime , Anywhere , Any equipment , Personalized content ” The experience of . These three “ whatever ” add “ Personalized content ”, It will change fundamentally IT Products provided by the company , Content and way of service , So as to bring industrial form and soft , The change of hardware innovation mode .

   After Internet personalization , What really accelerated the evolution was PC Things beyond .IT How to examine business model , The development direction of value chain and industrial pattern , Act according to the situation ? How to establish differentiated competitive advantage , Create new growth ? Today's insight and thinking , Will be the cornerstone of tomorrow's success .

   Here it is , It is necessary for us to integrate the burgeoning personalized Internet industry , And entering the mature development stage PC Compare the industry . Because computers are a very standardized technology platform , Industry has the characteristics of horizontal expansion . The personalized Internet will have the characteristics of vertical integration —— From basic hardware , Operating system platform , To the software on board , Content and services , Vertical integration is a big challenge .

   Even vertical integration , There are also
“ From the bottom up ” and “ Top down ” Two paths . It is to design the experience effect to the extreme first , To create the foundation again , Application platform ? Or make a strong hardware and software platform first , Design the application experience again ? The former is easy to make experience innovation become “ castles in the air ”, The latter may make application innovation lag behind platform innovation . Standing at the crossroads ,IT Vertical integration of the company , The above two paths should be considered comprehensively , Provide the best device platform and the most personalized experience for end users .

   Entering the era of personalized Internet , We are full of confidence and expectation for China . China has 4.2 100 million Internet users ,6700 10000 pcs ,2600 Ten thousand smart phones ,4100 10000 color TV sets and 1700 Ten thousand new cars , A series of figures show that , China has become the most important high-tech market in the world . In addition, the state will integrate the three networks , Internet of things , Cloud computing has been brought into the category of strategic emerging industries , To invest and promote vigorously , In the emerging field of personalized Internet , China will have the opportunity to lead the next wave of innovation .

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