There is a good friend doing business to start a business , When we had dinner together, we talked about this topic , Here to share with you .

These problems are mainly discussed :

About technical director .

About R & D process , Team function .

On technology selection , Technical architecture , technical management .

About technical director

1, Technical capability

Technical director , There is no doubt that the technical ability must pass , The technical ability includes the ability to tackle key technical problems and the management ability of technical team , Be able to form a team , Build a team , In case of technical problems, rush ahead , Pick up the keyboard and write code .

2, The ability to connect

temporarily join a theatrical troupe , Building a team definitely requires good connections , Isn't there a saying like that , The troops did not move , Gateway leading , Through contacts, you can quickly build a team , Can quickly find solutions , There is also an added advantage of more contacts is that you can publicize the company's products .

3, Ability to believe

We have to believe what the founders painted “ Pancake ”, You have to share a vision with the founders , Strategically, we have to agree that this can happen , Only in this way can we devote ourselves to entrepreneurship .

Just believing is not enough , Be sure to match the founder's qualifications , If it's too bad , There will be ideological inconsistencies , There may be re execution only , There may also be disagreements and forced cases .

Generally, the person in charge of technology is the founder's first or second level contacts , They are basically good friends we know , We all know that starting a business is not only a risky thing , And it's a long-term thing , It's going to be very hard up front , Maybe you don't make much money , It would be very difficult without a deposit , Therefore, it is suggested that the person in charge without financial pressure should be preferred .

About R & D process , Team function

Most entrepreneurial teams pay attention to one word : fast !

This demand is very important , It has to be on today , That demand is also important , My brothers work overtime in the evening, and I'll do it today , Requirements change quickly in the development process ... After the change of demand , The online time remains unchanged .

It's getting slower , It's a waste of technology , Because there is a set of process from demand to development and then to online . Although the technical team is effective, the process still needs to go through .

1, Project approval : Determine what to do .

2, Demand stage : Analyze what to do , Realize product prototype design , Preparation and review of product requirements documents .

3, Evaluation stage : Resource assessment , risk assessment , Time assessment .

4, design phase :UI Design and review , Technical investigation and technical scheme design and review , Test case design and review .

5, R & D stage : code , Joint debugging , Testing .

6, Testing phase : Smoke testing , System testing , Test report review , R & D solution BUG.

7, acceptance phase : Product acceptance .

8, go live : Preparation before launch , Deployment Online , Test verification , Product acceptance .

9, Closing stage : Project review , Sum up experience .

The development process is similar with little difference , It's basically the same , Startups are definitely understaffed , The simplest configuration can be analyzed through the process :

product manager

UI designer

front end



Operation and maintenance

It's streamlining , Product managers can test part-time , Back end can be part-time operation and maintenance , Become :

product manager Concurrent test

UI designer

front end

back-end Concurrent Operation and maintenance

Of course, according to the actual situation , There are other possibilities , Arrange the number of manpower according to the number of things .

On technology selection , Technical architecture , technical management

PHP It's the best language , Fast business development , A large number of start-up companies also choose their models PHP Technology stack .

Java,Python,Go,PHP Each has its own advantages and disadvantages , Listen to the opinions of the technical director , Trust his judgment .

It's not the language used to measure the level of a technical team , It's about supporting business development effectively , It depends on the result theory , for instance “ Fast development , There are few problems in the later period ”, If you can do that , So this technical team is a force !

Technical architecture , It can be divided into these parts , We will consider the details according to our own situation .

1, Business services ,xx system ,xx backstage ,xx Modules, etc .

2, public service , Authority management , user management ,WIKI system , Asynchronous notification service , Log service, etc .

3, Operation and maintenance services , Automated Deployment , Cloud platform management , Monitoring management, etc .

technical management , At this time, the main purpose of technical management is to improve the development efficiency , The goal is for every engineer to focus on the work at hand .


Hasty writing , My humble opinion , Don't spray if you don't like it .

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