night 9-11 The point is the immune system ( lymph ) Detoxification time , This time should be quiet or listen to music
evening 11- before dawn 1 spot , Detoxification of liver , It needs to be done in a deep sleep .
before dawn 1-3 spot , Detoxification of gall , The same is true .
before dawn 3-5 spot , Lung detoxification . That's why people with coughing cough the most during this time ,
Because of the detoxification, I have already reached the lung ; Do not use cough medicine , In order to avoid inhibiting the discharge of waste products .
before dawn 5-7 spot , Detoxification of large intestine , Should go to the toilet to defecate .
morning 7-9 spot , The time period for the small intestine to absorb large amounts of nutrients , You should have breakfast .
It's better to eat early , stay 6 Before half past one , Health preserving 7 Before half past one ,
People who don't eat breakfast should change their habits , Even if we drag it to 9,10 A little is better than none .
Midnight to early morning 4 The hematopoiesis time of vertebra is at the point , Must sleep soundly , Don't stay up late .

The harm of staying up late

Irregular sleep and stress , Will affect the endocrine metabolism is not complete , Causes skin moisture loss , Wrinkles are easy to cause , Dull skin , Acne vulgaris , Black eye socket aggravation, etc , Especially after the make-up, the situation will be worse , It's hard to make up evenly . After a series of staying up late , If you feel your face tight , Itchy , There is desquamation phenomenon , You may also suffer from seborrheic dermatitis .

※ From the perspective of health , There are many dangers of staying up late . Because if people often stay up late, they are most likely to be tired , Listless , The body's immunity will also decline . cold , Gastrointestinal infection , Allergies and so on will come to you .

If you stay up late for a long time , More will slowly appear insomnia , forgetful , Irritability , Anxiety and other nerves , Mental symptoms . Overwork disturbs the nervous system of the body , It causes imbalance of main organs and systems in the body , Such as arrhythmias , Endocrine disorders and so on , Serious will lead to the whole body stress state , The risk of infection increased accordingly . People with severe fatigue symptoms suffer from breathing more than the average person , digestive system , The chance of various infections such as circulatory organs has also increased a lot .

Sleep experts believe that : Sleep is an important physiological process in metabolism . No sleep, no health , sleep debt , It's not only that the body's consumption is not replenished , And because of the lack of hormone synthesis , Can cause the internal environment disorder . After a series of studies on sleep and human immunity, immunologists in the United States believe that , Besides, sleep can eliminate fatigue , Also with the enhancement of immunity , The ability to resist disease is closely related . In the blood of people who have enough sleep T Lymphocytes and B The lymphocyte increased significantly , And these two kinds of cells are the main force of human immunity . Sleepiness is a sign of considerable fatigue in the brain , You shouldn't wait until then to go to bed . Only by getting into the habit of sleeping regularly , Ensure that the sleep time is not less than 7 hour , In order to maintain the normal operation of sleep central biological clock . therefore , Young people should also learn to control their living habits , Don't let the natural rhythm be disturbed , Fall into a vicious circle .

The harm of staying up late 1. energy :

The energy loss from waking up all night is about the same as climbing mountains all morning . The external symptoms are as follows : dizzy of the head and dim of sight , tinnitus , Weakness of limbs and serious decline of attention and thinking ability . example : Ogawa half a year ago + I QQ, I asked him for a long time , I just knew it was just seen on the dragon's gate …… at that time : before dawn 2:00……
2. skin :

Special attention should be paid to female comrades . generally speaking , Oily skin has stronger anti-aging ability . however , My skin ( Heavy oil property , It's the one-time use 6 Oil absorbing paper 〔 For beauty , Very thin 〕 To dry the skin from the nose and forehead ), The next day there were obvious wrinkles . Because there was no repair maintenance afterwards (-
-0 Men are usually like this ), The wrinkles have been maintained 10 How many days? , Until now .
3. digestive system :
If you don't eat all night , It is very harmful to the digestive system . And what to eat , It also needs careful consideration , I do not recommend puffed food ( French fries and so on ) instant noodls , It's best to eat at home .
4. vision :ATTENTION!
The most harmful , It is recommended to stay up late (23:00 in the future )1 hour , Do eye exercises . Otherwise, the consequences will be serious . Be careful , It's painful to wear glasses .
If you want to avoid the above situation , Please refuse to stay up late .

Harm and prevention of staying up late

at present , Because of the quickening pace of life , Many people feel that there is not enough time in the day , Often use the night to do the unfinished work during the day , It's even a routine . in addition , Colorful nightlife has sprung up in cities and towns , Some stay in the ballroom late at night , In the singing Hall , Watch all night movies or take part in other recreational activities . As a city “ Late sleepers ”, Knowing that the dark circles in the mirror are terrible , I know that “ Men depend on food , Women sleep by themselves ” The ancient maxim of , however , work overtime , party , surf the internet , Watch a video , Bar , Bouncing …… The richer the nightlife is , The more reason we seem to indulge in sleep deprivation , Join the ranks of staying up late . I don't know , Staying up late greatly reduces sleep time , There is no rest adjustment for the brain and organs , Bring serious harm to health .

The harm of staying up late is not just dark circles , It's as simple as getting pimples or rising liver fire , It does great harm to the body , It can make the human body in a sub-health state and even damage the organs of the body, resulting in various diseases . The harm of staying up late simply has the following aspects :
A, Sleep deprivation increases stress hormones , So that we feel the pressure quickly to a new level .
B, Physical fitness and energy will be significantly reduced due to lack of sleep , Intelligence level , The ability to concentrate and make decisions will also be affected to varying degrees .
C, Not enough and irregular sleep will seriously affect the progress of learning , And reduce the amount of information that the brain can consume per unit time by nearly half , Learning new things can be very frustrating .
D, Too little sleep can make you feel depressed even when you're not in trouble , The ability of psychological endurance decreased obviously .
E, The enemy of perfect skin
Staying up late not only darkens your face , It's covered with acne , The canthus of the eyes and the bridge of the nose were hopelessly covered with fine lines , The eyes have grown “ dark under-eye circles ”, Still can feel facial skin has tight itching feeling , Or peeling .

Staying up late does more harm to the human body than these , Irregular , Unhealthy lifestyle , Of course, a radical change is needed , However, the biological clock can not be adjusted to the best state in a day or two . therefore , Next, we recommend several first aid measures after staying up late , To a certain extent, the problem can be temporarily alleviated .
1, Dinner is special

The skin doesn't get enough sleep , There will be excessive loss of water and nutrients , Therefore, dinner should eat more light fruits and vegetables , Fish, etc. and supplement with some procyanidins ( Grape seed extract products ) Or contain chitin health care products to help the skin restore elasticity and luster , At the same time, it can eliminate dark circles and make skin white and ruddy . Avoid spicy food and alcoholic drinks , It's better not to smoke . Collagen containing protein for external use , Chitin based skin care products .
2, Care before bed
It's the worst habit to fall asleep after staying up late . At this time should first take natural dietary fiber containing health products ( Such as Siraitia grosvenorii , Oligosaccharides, etc ), It can moisten dryness and help sleep .
After thoroughly cleaning the skin , Spray a moisturizing spray. , And then it's loaded with cucurbit , chitin , Colloid protein and other components of the cream , Not only can we get rid of the dead skin , It can also repair wrinkles and restore luster , The effect is remarkable .
3, Morning is the key

a. Get up in a few hours , Maybe you have a splitting headache , Be sure to wash your face in cold water , At the same time, take Lingyangjiao dropping pills which have special effects on headache and no side effects , It's invigorating , Also take procyanidins , Chitin health care products , Can effectively eliminate eye edema , Lighten dark circles .
b. Take a big breath of fresh air , Let your mind be flexible . Do some simple muscle relaxation exercises , It can relieve muscles and bones , Achieve decompression effect .
c. Breakfast can be slightly biased towards protein rich foods , Such as soybean milk , Eggs, etc , It can replenish the brain with enough nutrients .
If you take health care products, you can choose lecithin , Natural Enzyme ( If it contains a lot of amino acids , Multivitamins and trace elements , JinHuaSu of selenium enriched Saccharomyces cerevisiae ).
Here it is , Give some advice to people who stay up late for different reasons , To reduce the discomfort and injury of staying up late :
A person who often works or studies overtime at night , Food rich in protein, such as fish, should be eaten more , Milk, etc , In addition, it can be taken appropriately, such as lecithin , Brain cell growth factor , Tuna oil , Taurine and other ingredients of health products to supplement brain power ; If you have headache, you can take Lingyangjiao drop pills to relieve symptoms .
Entertainment at night ( play cards , Carla OK, Bar , Jumping, etc ) And night life overdraft , It is easy to lead to yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity and produce symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat , You can take Cordyceps sinensis as the main component of nourishing yin and kidney medicine and health products containing lentinan to improve immunity , At the same time, taking health care products containing natural enzymes such as Jinhua Su can quickly recover the overdrawn physical strength .

3, No matter what form of staying up late , The human body will appear physical overdraft phenomenon and a large number of minerals in the body , Vitamins and other trace elements , Make the human body in a serious sub-health state , Therefore, it is suggested to take health products containing natural enzymes ( It is rich in amino acids and a variety of active enzymes beneficial to human body , chromium , selenium , zinc , magnesium , calcium , Iron and other elements , It can quickly restore physical fitness , Invigorate the body , In Japan, it has become a fad , Health food sought after by health people , At present, such products have been produced in China and sold in some large chain enterprises in the city ). At the same time, supplement various vitamins , It is better to take a combination of minerals and vitamins produced by amino acid chelating technology .

Man is very sensitive to the law of the alternation of day and night in the universe , It's like there's a clock in the human body , Make people follow the laws of nature ,“ start work at day break , Sunset and rest
”. With the acceleration of modern life rhythm , More and more people stay up late , Up to the old people , Students down to the senior grade of primary school , Of course, most of them are intellectuals . Notice , Staying up late often is an unscientific way of life , In the long run, it will damage human health .

Modern medical research findings , Healthy living habits and regular sleep can make the normal secretion of hormones in the body , And keep relative balance , So as to ensure that living organs work in a stable internal environment . If you often stay up late , Normal operation will be disturbed , The pattern of hormone secretion will also change , It causes damage to living organs to varying degrees , So as to endanger health , Even shorten life , People who stay up late for a long time have been compared with those who insist on going to bed early and getting up early , People who often stay up late are found to be in a state of stress for a long time , The secretion of various hormones in one day and night was higher than that in early to bed and early to rise 50%, Especially the excessive secretion of adrenaline and norepinephrine , It makes blood vessels constrict higher than people who go to bed early and get up early 50%. in addition , People who stay up late for a long time are more likely to suffer from cancer , Because cancerous cells are produced during cell division , Cell division is mostly carried out in sleep . Staying up late disturbs sleep patterns , Affect the normal division of cells , This leads to cell mutation , Producing cancer cells . According to the newspaper , The average life span of Chinese intellectuals is less than that of other people of the same age 10 year , know the actual cause , This is due to the fact that intellectuals have been overburdened for many years , It doesn't matter if you often stay up late .

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