AMD Just officially released the new sharp dragon thread Ripper PRO (Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO) Series processor , Dedicated to professional workstations
, It has an unparalleled number of cores / Thread advantage , And frequency , Perfect for artists , architect , engineer , Data scientists and other professionals , Lenovo .

   Thread Ripper PRO The family inherits the basic properties of the desktop thread Ripper , such as 7nm Process manufacturing ,Zen 2 Micro architecture , most 64 core 128 thread ,288MB cache ,
PCIe 4.0 Bus channel slave 64 Open to complete 128 strip , Memory support from four channels DDR4-3200 256GB UDIMM Open to complete eight channels
DDR4-3200 2TB UDIMM/RDIMM/LPRDIMM/3DS DIMM, And support AMD PRO technology , Thermal design power consumption is maintained at 280W.

   This is the first in the world 64 Core workstation processor , It is also the first major frequency breakthrough 4GHz Of 12 Core workstation processor , Or the first support PCIe 4.0
Workstation processor for , Both single threaded and multi-threaded performance has outstanding performance .

   Thread Ripper PRO The series includes four different models :

  - 3995WX:

  64 core 128 thread , Main frequency 2.7-4.2GHz, L2 cache 32MB, Level 3 cache 256MB. comparison 3990X Low 200/100MHz.

  - 3975WX:

  32 core 64 thread , Main frequency 3.5-4.2GHz, L2 cache 16MB, Level 3 cache 128MB. comparison 3970X Low 200/300MHz.

  - 3955WX:

  16 core 32 thread , Main frequency 3.9-4.3GHz, L2 cache 8MB, Level 3 cache 64MB.

  - 3945WX:

  12 core 24 thread , Main frequency 4.0-4.3GHz, L2 cache 6MB, Level 3 cache 64MB.

   Professional technology ,Intel It's famous vPRO Bray ,AMD PRO Not to be outdone , It includes four aspects :

  - AMD PRO Security : Built in multi-layer security function , Help protect sensitive data .

  - AMD PRO Manageability : Simplify deployment compatible with current infrastructure , Imaging and management .

  - AMD PRO Business reliability :18 Months of software stability support ,24 Months of continuous product supply support .

  - AMD Memory Guard: Full memory encryption , Helps prevent physical attacks on sensitive data .

  AMD emphasize , Compared with competitive products , Thread Ripper PRO The series has only one platform , Four models , The characteristics of the whole platform are consistent ,Intel
Xeon has its own extensible series , xeon W-2200 series , xeon W-3200 Series of complex product lines , More than 85 paragraph , And the characteristics of different models are very different .

  AMD Also meticulously for the thread Ripper PRO The series selected their rivals , such as 3995WX What's the benchmark Intel The best platinum
8280,2.7-4.0GHz/205W, And dare one to two , Because the latter only has 28 core 56 thread , There are only two ways 56 core 112 thread .

  3975WX Benchmarking W-3275,28 core 56 thread ,2.5-4.4GHz,205W.

  3955WX Benchmarking W-2295,18 core 36 thread ,3.0-4.6GHz,165W.

  3945WX Benchmarking W-3235, be otherwise similar 12 core 24 thread ,3.3-4.4GHz,180W.

   In addition to the number of cores rolled , Thread Ripper PRO The series is also better at scalability , For example, Zhiqiang W Series only supports at most 64 strip PCIe 3.0, Memory only supports up to six channels
DDR4-2933 1TB, And they don't support it 3DS RDIMM.

   As for performance ,AMD The data given are naturally all kinds of transcendence and second kill , Like one 3995WX Yes, two 8280 At least 25 Winning in projects , The comprehensive leading range is up to
27%, Leading graphics performance 37%, To a super strong W-3275 It is a comprehensive leader 136%.

   similarly 12 core 24 thread ,3945WX Yes W-3235 Single threaded performance leads 12%, Multithreading performance can lead 28%.

   association ThinkStation P620 Workstation global launch AMD Sharp dragon thread Ripper PRO series , This fall .

   It uses a single circuit design , Top choice 64 Core PRO 3995WX, There are eight more memories ( Maximum capacity 1TB), Four PCIe 4.0 x16 And two PCIe 4.0
x8 Expansion Slots ( Optional up to four Quadro RTX4000 Or two Quadro RTX8000), Four hard disks ( Maximum capacity 20TB), Two USB-C
10Gbps And six USB-A 10Gbps Interface .

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