recently , Jointly built by Jingdong Zhilian cloud and greedy College “ Natural language processing training camp ” Officially open camp . This training camp focuses on NLP(Natural Language Processing)
Application of technology in enterprise project , The course has been online for less than two months , It has attracted close attention from all over the world 200 name AI Practitioners and enthusiasts in the field , Among them are 46 Students from Harvard University , University of Cambridge , Tsinghua University , Peking University , Stanford University and other world Top30 Top schools .

After the opening of the camp , The students shared the idea of joining the training camp :

@ Classmate song
( Doctor of bioinformatics, Peking University ): be engaged in IT Related position for many years , Now I plan to improve my system AI Algorithm capability . Compared with the market on many doors AI After the course , Think Jingdong NLP Enterprise project case resources are most suitable for growth needs , Hope to be able to quickly absorb the knowledge they need .

@ Lu Xueyuan
( Master of mechanical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University ): My own major and current job search are machine learning , Yes NLP More interested , Want to learn more , This time, after the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for Jingdong NLP Training camp , It's also a great opportunity to add to your resume .

@ Classmate Zhang
( Bachelor of mathematics, University of Hong Kong ): I studied machine learning in school before , I also got the teaching course certificate of Wu Enda , But there is little practical experience , Want to find a group of like-minded friends to work together , JD.COM NLP The project cases of training camp are also in line with their own needs , I hope to make a lot of friends while learning knowledge .

Based on advanced AI Technology and strong practical project capability , To cultivate more professional artificial intelligence talents , Jingdong has been polished for a long time , For public students “NLP Practical training camp ”,
Let every student contact with the enterprise level AI Project resources , Improve yourself from actual combat .

Registration phase 1 NLP Trainees of training camp , Except from famous schools all over the world , The level of education shows our ability and talent , near 200 The proportion of students with master's degree 52%, Proportion of doctoral degree 5%, Proportion of undergraduate education 43%.

The original intention of curriculum design is mentioned , Jingdong Zhilian cloud hopes that the training camp courses can really help NLP Access to practitioners in the field AI engineer / Core skills of scientists , It can make outstanding contribution to the technological progress of human society .


3 Real scenes based on Jingdong

And data project exploration

JD.COM NLP There is no traditional training camp “ Teaching and learning ” Single thread Teaching , But by building an open , Interactive learning environment and provide a real scene based on Jingdong actual combat training platform ,
Encourage students to find problems from actual cases , solve the problem , Active learning and exploring different paths and programs .

In the training camp , The mentors joined in arXiv,ACL,NAACL,ICML Research on the frontier of equal summit meeting / Reading and sharing of papers , Help students learn and understand the constantly changing and updated cutting-edge science and technology . Training camp courses have also been arranged “ Exclusive tutor ”, Organize and share weekly learning achievements with trainees .


4 Months targeted

Project practice exercise

In Jingdong Zhilian cloud and from Google , Amazon , Tutor of famous enterprises at home and abroad such as Microsoft , frontline AI Under the guidance of the Engineer , The trainees used the online data analysis tools provided by the training camp , In the selected three representative NLP Complete project exploration in technology application scenario , Got it NLP Core skills in the field , Such as feature engineering , Classification model , Grammar tree , And cutting edge technology , as BERT,XLNet, Compression model, etc .

The trainees are 4 Months of actual combat training , Through Book Intelligent Classification Project , Learning the core skills of text processing , Feature Engineering , Classical classification algorithm and other technologies ; Through Jingdong intelligent marketing project , realization Seq2Seq, Beam
Search, Pointer-Generation Network And master in-depth details ; Through Jingdong intelligent customer service robot project , Implement retrieval model and generation model .

In the summary class of the first stage , The students put forward such comments :

@ Classmate Chen
( Master of Science in Harvard University ): I am here AI Has accumulated many years of experience , Yes AI Knowledge has a more in-depth understanding , The reason for learning this time NLP It's because of the needs of the job . Most value this course can learn NLP Applied knowledge in different fields . This training camp not only made up for the vacancy of my industry knowledge , It also gives me confidence and expectation to continue my further study in natural language processing .

@ Classmate Zhang
( Master of mechanical mechanics, Cambridge University ): I have worked for many years AI Related post work , I've been to other places AI Course training , The overall feeling courses are relatively simple , This time, Jingdong NLP The training camp is more attractive to me , Jingdong provides us with learning opportunities by combining teaching with projects , It also provides a platform for us to exchange and share , A lot of harvest .”

up to now , Jingdong Zhilian cloud NLP The actual combat training camp has entered the second project practical learning stage . If you missed the previous registration , never mind , Phase II NLP The training camp has fully opened its enrollment , Will be on 8 month 15 day
open a business , Welcome to consult and sign up !

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