according to the statistics , First week after Spring Festival , The national average recruitment salary has reached the monthly level 9311 element .

After the data comes out , Many people commented :“ I was even by Ma Yun and Ma Huateng !”

Is it difficult to make 10000 a month ?

At least it seems difficult .

According to Tencent Financial Channel and other joint release 《2019 Chinese Wage Report 》 display , work 10 The number of people with a monthly salary of more than 10000 years is only 22.44%.

That is to say , Work for nearly eight adults 10 The monthly salary is still less than 10000 yuan .

Is this data far from what you think ?

I'm just the same as you , We often see the myth of millions of dollars a year on various social media platforms , It seems that the monthly income of ten thousand is a light matter .

in fact , The phenomenon of new graduates' salary in the employment market , It's like a double sky of ice and fire , Polarization is particularly serious , It can be said that this statement has been proved —— The death of drought , Waterlogging death .

There are very few industries , Just graduated can get more than ten thousand salary , such as :IT industry .

<> One ,IT Industry average salary breakthrough 14 ten thousand

Annual average wage ,IT Industry average wage breakthrough 14w, first .

Someone might ask , Average monthly salary 1 More than 10000 , Why am I not so tall ? It won't be averaged again ?

You know IT The main force of the industry is basically in the first and second tier cities , In such cities , dry IT Take it 1w+ It's really not too much to say that the price of cabbage is about 80% , About one year's experience is enough .
2020 Annual school recruitment salary table ( part )

If you're lagging behind , So there are only two reasons , One is your city IT The industry is underdeveloped , Second, your own personal ability .

When it comes to IT The wages in the industry are high , There is always such a group , say IT Industry is youth meal , Too hard and so on , This kind of comment is not surprising .

I'll ask , Which industry is easy ? say IT If the industry is hard, we can go to see the migrant workers , Go and see the architecture , chemical industry , Power industry and so on , A lot of industries, which one is easy ? However, when it comes to wages, they are silent .

<> Two , Where are the older programmers

A classmate talked to me , I like computer very much , But listen to others , Programmers eat youth meals , Not long , Not willing to change Majors , Want to ask my opinion , There must be a lot of people confused about this problem .

I just want to ask you , So many programmers every year , Since the programmer is the youth meal , Have you ever thought about where these programmers have gone when they are old ?

1, A small part of it ends up as an architect , Technical experts ;

2, Some of them are transferred to management , Product ;

3, Some start their own businesses or work with others ;

4, And part of it is making enough money when you are young , I went back to my hometown to buy a house and do some small business …

You can see , Look at any industry ,IT People's path is very wide, OK ?

in addition , Look at the Forbes list , How many skilled men are on the list , Bill Gates , pony , Robin Li , Zhou Hongyi , Lei Jun , Shi Yuzhu and so on , More or less , There are certain advantages for technical personnel to start their own businesses .

Someone said it again , How did I get in touch IT More than half of the male technical comparison , How about rigid thinking ? I can only say , It's a human problem , A dull man , No matter what profession he's in , That's how he is , It's not because he did it IT It becomes dull .

One more step back ,IT What's wrong with the industry ? At least when we are young, we have food to eat , How many industries have no food when they are young , Or they don't eat well at all .

<> Three ,IT The industry is rarely promoted by strength

Relative to the financial industry ,IT The employment threshold is indeed a little low , But I want to change my career IT The minimum education must be a junior college , Want to be a kind of technology giant in the future , The math , Logical thinking must also be good .

IT Industry needs continuous learning , It's hard for a lot of people to stick to it , I can't bear the pain , It's all over the door , Plus people's attitude towards IT The stereotype of the industry , Willing to engage in IT There are not many people , Who is willing to do such a hard job .

And willing to engage in IT Who are they ?

Most of them are not afraid of hardship , Rural origin , My family is in the middle , No problem , No background , Endure loneliness , At the same time, they want to make their own way .

IT The industry is also rare to rely on strength to promote the industry .

Add a little more ,IT It's not programming , Although programming is IT The core of the industry , But beyond that , There are also tests ,UI, Operation and maintenance , product , Operation and other posts , Mathematical difference , Logical difference , Not suitable for programming , You can still choose other positions .

I always felt that , For some science and engineering students , Good logic of thinking , I'm confused about my future , At the same time, it doesn't matter , No background , Not afraid to bear hardships , Not afraid of continuous learning , Well, I suggest you first IT industry , And programming is preferred , Whether it's wages or the future of the industry , Both have great prospects .

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