Talking about procrastination , Everyone is very familiar with it . It's estimated that very few people think they don't have procrastination . I don't understand professional psychology , So I will not give a professional analysis , I just from their own feelings and understanding to give their own analysis . It's mainly because I don't think it's more painful for you to procrastinate , From the tendency of human towards happiness , I don't want to do it , So it was delayed again and again .


I was aware of my procrastination years ago , And we have taken it seriously and analyzed it , It also challenges procrastination again and again , Defeat in the first battle , Defeat and fight again , Fight and lose again, fight again , Although procrastination has not been completely overcome in the end , But good progress has been made in this area .


I reviewed my experience in fighting procrastination in this period of time , Summarize the following four points :


1. Eliminate interference .

Think about it , It's a painful thing to do , At this time, there are more comfortable things to interfere with your determination , Doesn't that add fuel to the fire ? therefore , The first step is to eliminate interference as much as possible . In the laboratory , Big boss and small boss are here , It's hard to play with a big screen computer , So the temptation of the computer itself can be offset , The rest of the interference is basically a cell phone . Analyzed their own behavior , Think the more effective way is to cut off the network , No registration QQ, No wechat , Close the screen , Put it in your pocket , Put it where you can't see it , It turns out , It works . After blocking a lot of disturbing things , You can only do what you want to do .


2. Split big plan .

According to the actual experience , The reason why something hurts you , Because it looks particularly difficult on the whole , It's impossible to start with . that , Just split it . such as , Just received a project , I have no idea , It's a mess , I think it's basically impossible to accomplish something . This is the time to split the project . You can split the whole process of a large project for the first time , For example, what needs to be prepared first , What part do you understand , And figure out which part . The first split is followed by a more detailed split , It can be divided into one day or half day workload . such , Just a little at a time , You don't feel like you can't start , It will be less difficult , The pain will be reduced . I have been working in this way for the past six months , Think about the workload of tomorrow every night , And according to the actual completion of the appropriate adjustment . such , The original painful things have been done little by little , Don't worry about the pain of the whole , Just think about the day's work , The day's workload is completed, the mood will be much better , There's also more sense of accomplishment .


3. Reward mechanism .

Combined with the second point above , When each part of the work has been completed , You can give yourself a little reward . It was a painful process , Why don't you give yourself some time to enjoy yourself . For example, buy a few of your favorite items in the shopping cart , Go out and see a movie , Have a big meal , Enjoy a complete weekend , A trip . When leisure and relaxation become a kind of reward , You'll feel at ease , No psychological pressure , You'll have a great time . After playing, I will devote myself to work and study .


4. Self reminding at any time .

This is also more important . We should pay enough attention to it . What to do when planning , Remind yourself when you want to procrastinate because of inertia or other reasons : I'm fighting procrastination , So we should stick to it . My method is to list the near future plans on the first screen of my mobile phone , Always watch what you want to do , Plan a time , And then when the time comes, tell yourself to do it, to do it, to do it . Sometimes, though, procrastination prevails , But it's a lot better than before . I've done a lot of things in the past six months .


statements of a school , For reference only . If appreciated , It's a great honor. !

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