As an engineer , The following problems must be encountered in coding :

How to stratify , Sub module ?

How to divide classes ? How to interact between classes ?

Inheritance or composition ? Interface or abstract class ?

How to decouple , High cohesion and low coupling ?

Should we use singleton mode or static method ?

Voice over : They are very specific , Very common questions ?

Want to understand the ideas and principles of design patterns , Theory doesn't work , Read with source code , We can get twice the result with half the effort .

How to combine source code , Quick learning design pattern ?

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Who is Wang Zhan ?

Wang Zheng , Front Google Senior Engineer . stay Google be engaged in Google translate , Development and architecture design of knowledge map and other related systems , More than ten years of work , Never out of the first line of coding .

Voice over : therefore , Wang Zhan's column is so grounded .

I read the contents and contents of this column , so to speak 《 Beauty of design pattern 》 It's the most practical design pattern class I've ever seen on the market : send
Explain with real project code , Can really improve your code ability , Transforming programming skills into direct development of productivity .

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Finish this column , What do you get ?

【100 Multiple articles ,50 Wanzi ,2 More than 10000 lines of code 】

The content comes from his real projects accumulated over the past ten years . Wang Zheng wants to put the relevant content of design pattern into practice , Metropolitan system , A comprehensive one-time talk , Let you know all the knowledge related to writing high quality code .

【200+ Analysis of real project code cases 】

Wang Zheng combines the project experience accumulated in his work , Designed 200 Multiple real project code cases , Every class , Each knowledge point will be combined with a complete development case to explain . Listen to him , Put this 200
Several development cases , Don't worry about not improving code capability .

【8 Months ,240 Programming guide of heavenly hand handle 】

Explanation of each actual combat case , He started with the original question code , Tell you where the defects are , How to pass the design principle , thought , Mode to optimize
, Let you understand the context behind its design . such , You don't just think to his rhythm , It is also helpful for logical thinking training .

【100 Multiple in-depth classroom discussions , Brainstorming 】

We know , There is no standard answer to design questions . therefore , At the end of each class , Wang Zhan also designed it  1~2 Dao class discussion questions , Some are open issues related to code design , Some are specific code optimization problems .


Look before 《 Beauty of data structure and algorithm 》 Time , I found out , The response to the column question was brilliant , It's very enlightening . Spend one at the end of the column 5 minute ,10
Minutes for thinking questions , Not only helps to absorb knowledge , You can also train your thinking ability .

Scanning code for trial reading

What are the benefits ?

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What about the patent outline ?

If you compare programming to combat , Algorithms and data structures allow you to defeat powerful enemies , And design patterns allow you to maintain sustained scale operations .

To win , Both are indispensable .

Code scanning design mode ,100+ article , An article 1 Yuan

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