Recently, some fans complained to me backstage , Go to a large factory for interview , Interviewers always like to ask JVM!

You ask JVM Why? ? Programmers usually don't use these things ! Ask more about the framework , database , Project experience is not good ?

Some people think it's the interviewer who pretends to be forced , I like to ask such empty but not real things , Look like you're tough , Force the company !

In fact, this idea is very naive ! I don't rule out that some interviewers have this idea , I like interviewing and abusing people . But big factories have big concerns , ask JVM It's mainly about your potential in technology , Do you think you have a deep attitude towards technology .

Probably in 2011 About , Alipay has had multiple memory leaks. , And the problem is quite serious , At that time, master bixuan personally led the team to solve the problem . here we are 2013 About , Ali's rapid development , Many architectures are based entirely on OSGI,
JVM More and more prominent problems , If you don't understand JVM There is no way to do it , So from then on ,JVM It has become the technical requirement of Ali .

There is a more important reason , Right now Java Development post , Competition too TM It's intense !

Some time ago , Our director will recruit one Java back-end , Two days 200 Multiple resumes ! So many resumes can't be screened out !

Generally, only one or two people are recruited for the posts in large factories , There are 10 personal , The technical ability is almost the same , Who do you say you will choose at this time ?

If I were an interviewer , I'll ask who will JVM performance tuning ? Who will , The better the technical ability, the better !BAT That's it , Many small companies like to follow suit , So don't ask questions JVM I'm sorry to say hello to other people . therefore ,JVM Very important , Be able to have JVM Tuning skills are more important .

Take a look at these real questions of Ali's interview , Can you answer ?

1,JVM What are the memory areas ? Why is this division ?

2,GC Roots What are there ? The more comprehensive, the better .

3, A 100 million class flow system , Let it hardly happen Full GC. You do it JVM tuning , How do you do it? ?

4, Online system suddenly CPU100%, How do you check it out ?

4,JVM The difference between memory leak and memory overflow , How to check memory leak ?

These problems , from the shallower to the deeper , It has to be right JVM Have a systematic understanding and learning , To be able to answer , And basically, all the questions are combined with the actual situation , Not only do you need to be able to use these technologies , Also know why you want to use this technology , And how to achieve high availability and so on . To master JVM, There is a high demand for the breadth and depth of the programmer's technology .

JVM Class loading is included in the system of , Runtime data area , Bytecode execution engine , Garbage recovery and other aspects , If there is a problem with your app , You may need to investigate from many aspects , This is the breadth of technology ;

meanwhile JVM Many of the problems in , It's hidden deep , It is possible that a line of garbage code will cause a memory leak and cause a system failure OOM, To solve this problem requires technical depth ;

In order to let everyone have a targeted upgrade technology , Before my special invitation 58 architect King The teacher brought it to you 《JVM Deep analysis of infrastructure and performance tuning 》 Live class , from
JVM memory management , The running process of bytecode , Garbage collection mechanism , 100 million class flow system GC Prediction and optimization ,CPU High occupancy and tuning practice ,JVM Memory tuning and so on , Make your promotion and job hopping more confident !


Course introduction

7.14 Interview must ask JVM Deep analysis of bottom layer principle

Quick Mastery JVM memory management ;

How to analyze the running process of bytecode through stack frame ;

depth analysis JVM Garbage collection mechanism ;

100 million class flow system GC Prediction and optimization ;

7.15 One of the necessary skills for Architects JVM Optimize actual combat

JVM Necessary foundation and theory before optimization ;

JVM Common problems positioning and tool use ;

Analysis of architecture skills CPU High occupancy and memory overflow ;

One of the necessary skills for Architects JVM Optimize actual combat ;


About Instructor

King teacher

Front 58, Senior architect of China Merchants Bank ,10 one 's remaining years java Industry experience .

Specialized field : Software architecture design , High concurrency , High performance services ;


Suitable for people

This sharing content partial principle and the source code , There needs to be some Java Basic knowledge , fit :

Have certain self-study ability , Want to improve yourself ;

Want to learn systematically JVM Knowledge partner ;

Aspire to be a senior engineer , Architect's IT people ;


Today's benefits

1:0.1 Yuan seckill qualification , Course offering “ live broadcast + Preview materials + Source code + Online Q & A ”

2: Today, I will give you an extra one “ fire ” Of 《Java Interview clearance manual 》V6.0 edition ;

The main contents of this interview manual are as follows 3 primary topic ,5 Main modules ,35 Small plates :

Programmer interview question set :
JAVA Core interview question bank (1000+ topic .pdf) JAVA Common interview question bank (3000+ topic .pdf) BATJ JAVA Interview question bank of classic compulsory examination (50+ topic .pdf)
Interview question bank of large enterprises on the Internet (300+ topic .pdf) Baidu , Jingdong , Tencent , Headlines , Beautiful group , Huawei , Didi, etc Java Comprehensive interview questions for each knowledge point (5000+ topic .pdf)
Concurrent programming , Multithreading , Collection framework , Design patterns , database , performance optimization RabbitMQ Message middleware ActiveMQ Message middleware Dubbo JVM Kafka MongoDB
MyBatis MySQL Netty Nginx Redis Tomcat Zookeeper Spring SpringBoot SpringCloud

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