<>UPF sketch

User plane function (UPF) It includes the following functions . stay UPF Some or all of them can be supported in a single instance of UPF function :

* be used for RAT within / RAT Anchor point of inter mobility ( When applicable ).
* external PDU Session points for interconnection with data networks .
* Packet routing and forwarding ( for example , An instance that supports uplink classifiers to route traffic to a data network , Support branching points to support multi hosting PDU conversation ).
* Packet check ( for example , Application process detection based on service data flow template SMF Received optional PFD).
* Implementation of some policy rules in user plane , For example, gating , redirect , Flow steering ).
* lawful interception (UP collect ).
* Traffic usage report .
* User plane QoS handle , for example UL / DL Speed implementation ,DL Reflection in QoS sign .
* Uplink traffic verification (SDF reach QoS Traffic mapping ).
* Transmission level packet marking in uplink and downlink .
* Downlink packet buffering and downlink data notification triggering .
* One or more “ End tag ” Send and forward to source NG-RAN node .
* as IETF RFC 1027 [53] As specified in ARP Agency and / Or Ethernet PDU Of IETF RFC 4861 [54] Function
IPv6Neighbor Solicitation Proxying. UPF Through the IP Address corresponding MAC Address to respond ARP and / or
IPv6 Neighbor request request .
be careful : Not all UPF All functions need to be supported in the instance of user plane function of network slice .

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