Android watch and Apple Watch The most fundamental gap , It's about performance , Not enough performance , No matter how beautiful a smart watch is 「 Large Bracelet 」.

   It's the same as in mobile phones , Qualcomm chip also plays the most important role in Android watch , But since 2018 In 2007, Qualcomm released the Wear 3100
Behind the platform , There was no iterative upgrade , say nothing of Wear 3100 In fact, it is 2016 year Wear 2100 Small changes , In fact, there is no qualitative difference between the two .

   Picture source :Qualcomm

   But the good news was a few days ago , At last, Qualcomm remembered that it had a wearable device chip business , Released the latest Wear 4100+ platform , It can be said that this is a leap across the whole 4
Intergenerational upgrading in (Wear 3100 just 2016 year Wear 2100 Small changes ). Thanks to this transition , Maybe your next Android watch might have a better experience .

   Performance upgrade across generations

   snapdragon Wear 4100+ The focus of this upgrade , It mainly focuses on performance and endurance .

   Performance ,Wear 4100+ Compared with the previous generation ,CPU Performance improvement 85%, Memory speed increase 85%,GPU Speed up 2.5 times , Camera performance improvement 2
times ( support 800 ten thousand + 1600 Megapixel dual camera ).

   Picture source :Qualcomm

   Specifically ,Wear 4100+ From the previous generation 28nm Process upgrade to 12nm technology , The core architecture consists of 4 nucleus A7 Upgrade to 4 nucleus A53, The main frequency is controlled by 1.1GHz
It soared to 1.7GHz,GPU Also upgraded to Adreno A504, Memory frequency increased to 750MHz. Coprocessor aspect , snapdragon 4100+ Bring more intelligent AON
Coprocessor , Support richer situational models , Color support by 16 Color upgrade to 64K colour , In addition, for step counting , Heart rate monitoring , alarm clock , Tactile function also provides a better experience .

   Picture source :Qualcomm

   At the press conference , High pass proposes wearable device's 「5/95 Law 」, It means that when we use smart watches , have only 5%
Time to make real interaction , For example, controlling music playback , Reply message , Test your heart rate , Mobile payment, etc , And the rest 95% Just wearing it , Or just watch the time .

   So for this kind of use ,Wear 4100+ It's like a smartphone SoC
Same size core architecture , Two cores can handle the work within their own ability , Avoid unnecessary performance and endurance waste . And in terms of endurance , It is also because of the improvement of process and the structure of large and small cores , bring Wear
4100+ Compared with the previous generation 25% To improve the endurance of .

   Android watch's dilemma

   Complement performance is the most important point , But for Android watches , There are more problems to be solved .

   The hardest thing to solve is Google Wear OS The resulting experience is poor , It's like the early days Android
The system is the same , The function is not sound , The experience is not perfect . But look into the reasons , In fact, Google is an important driver in the Android watch field , There is no clear strategic goal , There is no corresponding hardware product , So these years Wear
The upgrade is not painful , It's like updating for update , There is no clear direction of iteration , As a result, Google has not played an exemplary role for the partners , The Android watch camp is like a leaderless team , It's not going to be a climate for so many years . On the contrary
Apple Watch, Hardware ,S The performance of the series of chips has been greatly improved every year ; Software ,watchOS
What's more, it has created a first-class interconnection experience , On this basis, Apple also aims at the health and sports fields , It has unique advantages .

   Picture source :Google Wear OS Official website

   So in this dilemma ,Wear OS Also gradually lost the support of manufacturers .Wear OS Born in 2014 year , It was also called Android
Wear, The system was first acquired by Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Support for , Then there was Huawei Watch and Moto 360 Follow up , But since then
Android Wear The completion degree of the system is low , Although these watches have a beautiful appearance , However, the experience is far from reaching the expected effect of consumers , therefore 2018 Upgrade to Wear OS
When , It has lost the support of Samsung and Huawei , Among them, Samsung adopted its own watch products later Tizen Watch system .

   Picture source :SAMSUNG

   it happens that there is a similar case , When Android mobile phone manufacturers need to build their own ecology , When you're looking at the smart watch again ,Wear OS It was also rejected . Last year's Xiaomi watch was launched based on Wear OS
Deeply customized MIUI For Watch system , But the market response is not good .

   And a better one OPPO Watch They just abandoned it Wear OS, And choose 「 Magic reform Android」, In fact, deep customization or magic transformation Android
How to do it , I went out to ask in my early years TicWatch I did it, too , Launched their own TicWear OS Watch system , This also proves from the side, whether before or now Wear OS
It really can't meet the needs of hardware manufacturers , It's like Google has worked so hard for so many years , In the eyes of manufacturers, only one 「 In the wrong direction 」 The results of .

   Picture source :@OPPO Health official micro

   Since Google can't , The manufacturers have to make their own living , We are familiar with the specific methods , It's based on Wear OS perhaps Android Deeply customized watch system . This is also true Android
The old road of mobile phone ,Wear OS The feature of open source also gives manufacturers the space to transform freely , Maybe it won't take long ,Wear OS It will form the present Andriod
The situation of mobile phone system , It's just that the fragmentation of the system will also happen on the watch side , And Google has always pursued the spirit of openness , I'm afraid it can only be bound in the ecological closed loop constructed by various manufacturers .

   Will Android watch have a better future ?

   Is smart watch just needed ? Obviously not , But consumers will always have new needs , It is undeniable that more and more people want to get their sleep through their watches , Or motion data , Yes, of course , In the future, some people will hope to handle some lightweight tasks with watches in time . Compared with mobile phones , Smart watches can be worn on the wrist at any time , More privacy and security , Compared to the bracelet , Watch is more powerful , So smart watches are more suitable for carrying some privacy , Slightly severe application ( Compared to the bracelet ), Like personal health , Motion monitoring , wallet , Information reply , Intelligent assistant, etc .

   Picture source :Google Wear OS Official website

   Obviously , Smart watches still have broad prospects for development , This year Canalys In the published report , In the first quarter of the world, shipments of smart watches increased year on year 12%, In the Chinese market, the data is
66%. It is worth mentioning that , In the market segment , Bubugao's little genius children's watch has a very high share , Because it is not convenient for children to use mobile phones , So it has certain connectivity , It can be used for mild application , And the smart watch that can talk is the best choice , And in more market segments , For example, the elderly market and the medical sector , I believe that smart watches will also have a suitable place to use .

  Canalys:2020 Q1 Global smart watch market share

   Back to the subject , The rise of Android Watch , It is far from enough to promote the development of Qualcomm , It's like Apple Watch
It's not easy to succeed , The apple also has to be in constant touch and roll , In order to find the precise positioning of the smart watch ; Also need to be polished year after year , Ability to constantly improve S
Performance of serial chips . without doubt , It takes a lot of effort , A hundred and twenty points of determination are needed . Although the future of Android watch is still uncertain , But just keep exploring , I believe we will get positive feedback from the market and consumers .

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