I cast for pinduoduo algorithm post ( natural language processing )

It was originally the interview time of pinduoduo confirmed at 10:00 this morning . But I was very busy because I had something the night before , Leading to oversleeping the next day , At the end of 10:20 , Pinduoduo hr I didn't remember it until I called
. Then hurry to the interview site , Interview .

The waiting time for the interview is not long , Soon it was my turn , There are three rounds of interviews : Technical interview ,HR interview , Technical interview .

The first round of technical interview

The first round of technical interview is a more serious one in fact nice One of the programmer's younger brother as my interviewer , Then asked me how to write a quick sort , I'm sorry I didn't write it on the spot , But also told me the whole idea , And why I didn't write it in a short time ( Here is the right way to make complaints about my basic algorithm ability.
, Many brush the question to all acquiesce these to be able to, so ignored to the basic algorithm practice instead , But the basic algorithm is a lot of interviewers will ask ). Then I talked about the text generation project I did (LSTM Text generation ). Brother also asked me what machine learning algorithms I know , I said there was a decision tree , Then he asked the gradient tree , I'll just say I don't know this , Then I saw that my little brother seemed to be stuck , Then I asked why gradient trees are so important , Little brother said that gradient lifting tree is the basis of many algorithms . Then we talked about the optimization algorithm , I just saw this last night, so I said a lot , But I feel like I don't want to listen to it any more , Maybe I talked about it in a general way . Overall, I feel very happy , But also exposed my weakness to the basic algorithm , And the understanding of basic machine learning algorithm is too little

The second round HR interview , very nice, Asked a wide range of questions , For example, the city of intention to work , Internship time , Is there any other company offer And things like that .

The third round
They made the wrong arrangement for me , I arranged for an interviewer to do back-end development , Asked me some arithmetic questions , My answer is quite good , It is a question of palindrome printing , Then I talked about life , My technical goals , And when do I program .

And then wait until I get back to the lab , HR Call me and say I made a mistake in the third interview , We need a new interview , Then hurry to the interview site , The problem lies in this round of interviews . Let's call it the fourth round .

The fourth round of interviewers first let me introduce myself , And when I'm done, let me introduce my paper , Ask me to say
Motivation , What problems have been solved , And contribution . I think what I said is quite good , But it seems that the interviewer doesn't care This question , No questioning . Then I asked what model I knew , And then I said LR, But this is when I found out
I can't even say a complete model . Then I said I didn't know . Under such circumstances, the general interviewer will give up questioning , Ask the next question , But the interviewer didn't ( cry ) And then he went on questioning , It seems that I can't find out what to give up . Among them, I always want to say that I can do other things, such as regular , Optimization algorithm and so on
Of , But the interviewer doesn't care. See in I can't go on the interview on this question , Then give me an algorithm question :  

There are many line segments on one-dimensional coordinate axis , Using the simplest algorithm to find two lines with the longest overlap length . Like line segments A(1,5),B(2,8),C(3,9), be B and C
Longest overlap length , by 5. 

I'm sorry Try to think of the best solution , Instead, two are ignored for Solution of cyclic violence . Then the interviewer said use
One traversal can solve this problem , I didn't think it was right at the time , But in their own did not complete, plus before the answer is not good psychological pressure, did not think out what is wrong ( After sorting out his ideas, he found that his method was really wrong , I don't know whether I really want to ask this algorithm or whether I can find out his mistakes ). Then he saw that I didn't answer , It's more serious , Keep asking about the model , But I still can't answer ( I'll sell it all the time , But it didn't work , At last he couldn't help it , You don't even know the basic model , What's the use of that , I thought it was ).
But in the end it was nice
The point is that , The interviewer pointed out my weakness directly , Is the weakness of the basic algorithm and the basic model is not clear . It's great to be able to directly point out my shortcomings in the interview process , But maybe I'm too weak , The interviewer couldn't help it .
Anyway? , This is likely to represent my failure in this interview with pinduoduo , Anyway, let's keep going . It's good to know the shortcomings and try to correct them !

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