How to improve your work efficiency quickly

Modern people are very busy , But busy people may not be efficient , Maybe in the " busy person " Feeling the elephant , That is to say, to be busy . Maybe you can improve your efficiency 20 times , Maybe your passion and potential can be improved 10 times ! The secret is management by objectives , time management , Energy management , How to accomplish more in a short time , How to understand Tao from painful practice , How to respect inner freedom , How to have more time to enjoy life , How to balance work and life dynamically ?! Here are several important work habits that can greatly improve work efficiency and time efficiency :

1. Every day as soon as I go to work, I enter the state , Don't browse the web , Quickly focus on the most important work items

The development of some good habits , It often contributes to the improvement of work efficiency . such as , Every day as soon as you enter the office, you enter the state , Take a look at the mail , List the work to be done today , Focus on the most important things first . Don't browse the web and news as soon as you go to work , News and news from friends often wastes time and distracts you , If you can't help but want to hang out on the Internet all the time , This is the time to tell yourself :" A few hours later , That news won't go away !"
It has been proved by practice , Focus on the most important work as soon as you go to work. You can solve problems most efficiently and quickly , Because you have passion , But passion and focus are easily distracted , The secret of the solution is not to let the chores distract you , Focus and passion . in short , Keep sth. in mind : Do the most important thing when you come to the company every day !

2. Classified and centralized processing items , Greatly improve the efficiency of time utilization

What you have to deal with every day , If you think about it carefully, there are only two kinds : Transactional and thinking . If you divide what you have to do in this way , Differential treatment , Maybe you'll get twice the result with half the effort . You don't have to use your brain for transactional work , Just follow the familiar process or procedure , And they are not afraid to be disturbed and interrupted , Such as sending and receiving e-mail, write letters , Fill in work report , Memorandum, etc , These routines , Things of similar nature can be dealt with at the same time , It can be done even in a bad state of mind . And for those who need to focus , Thinking work in one go , Be careful , Think it over before you do it , Keep thinking , Inspiration comes after hard thinking , It's time to be energetic , Quick thinking , And it's not easy to be disturbed by the time to focus on doing .

3. Give yourself a countdown to create a sense of urgency

       Face a lot of work every day , No one can avoid it " miss this and that ", The state of being busy and disorderly ; If you can work , Develop the habit of making regular plans , The effect is very different .
We should be good at managing our own work , You can prepare a notebook , Plan your monthly work plan , Plan and track weekly work plan . At the end of each month , Take some time to think about the work focus and plan for the next month . Develop work plan , The key is to be able to break down goals , Break down your monthly goals into one week , The goal of a week is broken down into each day . Maybe it looks like a huge one , Worry about not being able to achieve the goal of the work , After this layer by layer decomposition , It turns out that , It turns out that it is not very difficult to achieve this goal ; In this way, you will not feel a lot of pressure .

in addition , Beyond the work plan , Set yourself a countdown , Use the sense of urgency generated by the countdown . This is the self motivation method recommended by psychologists . This sense of urgency generated by the countdown can stimulate your determination and concentration , Mobilize your emotions and potential .

4. Learn to communicate , Smile communication , Improving work efficiency also requires communication to obtain good external environment and resources

In a company or team , What are the most common time management problems ? Communication issues . First of all, we should learn to smile , Smile first, open your heart , Communicate with an inclusive and receptive attitude . smile , self-confidence , Can produce magical effects , Smile to the world , The world will smile at you ; self-confidence , People around you will be more supportive .

Spend a certain amount of time with colleagues every day , Superior communication , Good communication attitude , Learn to listen , Can obtain the positive communication effect , Soft working environment , The resources needed for the job can be supported ! This has a great effect on the improvement of work efficiency . remember : Most of the time, effective communication may be more important than taking time to do things ! Many experienced people know that : After the leader assigned a task , It's important to communicate the expected results and methods with leaders first
~ Only when you really understand what to do , How to do it , Move on , The chance of rework is much lower , Natural efficiency is high . This is what we call it " Sharpening your ax will not delay your job of cutting wood "!

5. Improve your professional ability , Ability is the only way to solve problems

I think we all understand this , A fresh graduate of business is not familiar , People who don't know how to solve a problem often can't find a way in half a day , Half a day may be wasted on knowing what to do . occasionally , It's hard to know what you're going to do , Need for business and demand , Technology and other aspects of understanding , And don't know what to do, let alone work efficiency . Even if you know what to do , There is still a question of what to do next ....
All these require us to improve our professional ability , No professional ability , There is no way to improve work efficiency . If you have more expertise , Rich experience , The less time you spend doing something than others , At this point, you need to consider whether you can accept a bigger challenge , Do more important but not urgent things .

6. Keep the working environment orderly and tidy

It has been proved by practice , Elegant and clean working environment , Creating an efficient and healthy work area can greatly stimulate the enthusiasm and potential of work , That's why big companies in the United States are hiring designers for their work environment and decoration . Working environment not only affects work efficiency , It also affects creativity at work . American management guru Kanter's first advice for managers of depressed companies is often to have their workplaces repainted or cleaned . It's also a way to label yourself success . She said :" The environment will inspire people to align themselves with higher goals . Don't think it's frivolous to change your hair style or buy a fashionable dress , You don't do it to show off , It's about building confidence in yourself before victory comes .

7. Learn self suggestion to improve self confidence , Good mood can improve work efficiency

        Self confidence is the expectation of good results !
There is no bravery in work , If something goes wrong, you have to face it ! It has to be solved ! When encountering setbacks, abandon all subjective emotions , Just ask yourself : How to solve the problem ?( It's very hard. , It takes a lot of skill ) In the process of finding a solution , Have confidence , Self suggestion is necessary , I believe it will be solved, and it will be solved , This expectation of good results is self-confidence , This confidence can greatly improve work efficiency . And bad mood often affects the working state , Ask yourself to try not to bring some bad emotions into your work , Of course, anger is inevitable , A time of depression , But learn to control . At this time , Close your eyes for a few minutes , Tell yourself :" As long as it doesn't attack , I'll beat myself again ". Be able to manage your emotions , It means to be mature .
in addition , Learn to separate life from work .

It usually affects our efficiency , It's not about complicated tasks and time management , It's our emotions ! We are usually dominated by emotions , I don't want to work at all , Don't want to work , Refusal to cooperate , That's why we're procrastinating and passive . It usually makes us tired , It's not tiredness , It's boring . therefore , Job hopping to one you like , Put yourself into a passionate job , If you don't love your job , How to work efficiently ?

8. Learn to refuse

When I first started working , I'm very eager to please others . That is to say , I can hardly refuse to be asked . I worked a lot of extra classes , But I still can't finish all the things they told me . As a result, they expressed dissatisfaction , And I said I was going to crash . If you never say no , Your promise is meaningless . Take on what you can do , If people keep assigning you more things , You need to make it clear that it means you're going to delay other work . To deal with this kind of thing , I'll carry a list of to-do items with me (To-do
list). When people ask me to do something , I'll show them this piece of paper , And ask them which thing I should squeeze out for them . It's a good way for me to refuse people .

9. Relax completely , rest

Maybe you don't believe it , The last thing to improve efficiency is to relax completely , rest . You're relaxed , Have a rest , It's efficient . contrary , Continuous overtime , Sustained high pressure , This efficiency is unsustainable . Work is a long run , no 50 Rice sprint . A complete relaxation , In order to have more energy to work . Such things are very common , At the heart of the problem is : What is the most effective complete relaxation ? I recommend a few : meditation ( sit quietly ), Chat with a close friend , take a walk , music , travel ....
All the most suitable for your own, let you relax the most . On vacation , Forget about work , Tell yourself :" The work is endless , Without you , The company is still turning , Maybe even faster ! What is the purpose of efficient work : Isn't it just to save time to enjoy life "

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