【 Background 】
Z The company received a foreign customer Y Trading system development and implementation project , There was no agreement between the two sides ,Z The company hopes to cooperate through this project , Take this system as a product to occupy the market of the country .

The project consists of 1 individual PM,10 About developers ,4 About testers ,1 Translation , Additional engineering , market , sale , Account manager, etc , About 20 Participate in this project , Project management and delivery by PM be responsible for .PM Have many years of industry experience , But no project management experience .Z Company's commitment to customers : The core team will be developed at the customer site .
As there is no agreement between the two parties , So the project schedule is completely controlled by Z Company decision . Rumor has it that the project contract will reach 200 ten thousand $, The project manager estimates that the 6 Successful launch within months . The progress of the project is as follows :
(1) Project from 2008 year 1 Month launch , According to the plan, the 6 Successful launch in month ;
(2) however 6 Months later , The discovery system can not meet the transaction requirements of the other party , Delivery will be postponed indefinitely , At the same time, the contract amount will be less than 200 ten thousand RMB( Is RMB appreciation too fast ?...);
(3) 10 Months later , Because of the need of some policies , Customers have to use the trading system ;
(4)15 Months later ,Y According to the requirements of the group company , Hold a tender meeting ,Z The company's project leaders firmly believe in winning the bid , But after 2 Round bidding , Local company wins the bid ; The two sides are still in communication .
(5)17 Months later , Finally, it announced that the development was stopped .Z The company still sends people to do maintenance on site , Hope customers can rent this system .( For the first time , Software systems can be rented ......)
Diachronic 17 Months , Stay close at all times 20 People's team , And average 10 Long term customer site development , Cost up to 700 ten thousand RMB, The white money is gone like this ......

【 Failure analysis 】
According to the implementation process of the project , There are a number of reasons for project failure , There are mainly :
Wrong method of workload estimation . If the workload estimation is wrong , It's the responsibility of the whole project team , So the estimation method is wrong , yes PM The responsibility of .PM This is the estimate : According to the staffing situation , We need to 9 Completed in months , But we can work overtime at night and on holidays , We can shorten the delivery time 30%, That will do 6 It's finished in six months . The general project manager will be based on the results of the workload estimate , Add more 20% Redundancy of , He compressed it 30%, admire , killer .
2. The project plan is chaotic . At the beginning , There is a preliminary project plan , But it has not been implemented in a specific way WBS upper , later , The project plan is gone , The project has no end .
Do not understand project management process , No system development and implementation experience . Not understanding the needs of customers , Coding of dull head , A simple function , To modify N second , Not only reduce customer satisfaction , At the same time, it leads to low productivity , It is estimated that the productivity of valid code does not exceed 10 That's ok / Human nature . until 17 Months later today , There is no complete customer demand .
Module contract , Lack of communication . The whole development process , Only coding , The whole system is divided into several modules , Each person is responsible for one or more modules , From understanding business to coding completion , It's all one person responsible for the end . Due to the lack of necessary communication , There are some defects in the integration of each module .
The project team lacks the necessary communication skills . This includes 2 aspect : Language ability and requirement communication ability . Because it is a foreign customer , Developers who have been on the customer site for a long time have not 1 People can communicate with customers in English ( I can't even write an English email ), Including project manager , The communication between the two sides must be realized through translation . thus , Developers get customer information at a discount . This may be due to the lack of previous experience in requirements collection , Developers don't take the initiative to collect requirements , Finally, it was approved N Communication , The resulting demand is still incomplete . Every time you get 1 Key points , Then modify it immediately , On the next demo , The customer said there were more 1 Key points , The developers went to modify it again , So repeatedly . Even the project manager said “ The customer has no demand ”. Fainted , There is no demand , What is the other party willing to spend millions on ? It's not that the customer has no demand , Instead, the project team does not collect requirements , Mining demand .
Ignoring the role of the test group . The whole process , The role of the test group has been ignored , The requirements will not be sent to the test team , More often than not, it's delivered verbally by developers ; A lot of times , The development team is not tested , Just throw the upgrade package directly to the test group for testing , The test group has objection to the function of the module , Generally, the development team will not make adjustments .
Too bad version release and upgrade management , Poor software quality . one side , Upgrade package or new version provided by development team , A lot of times it's not tested , Many times , After upgrading , The core modules of the system cannot be used directly . on the other hand , Upgrade too often ,10 Months later , There are upgrades almost every day ; For a while , Upgrade packages per day exceed 3 individual . Upgrade package for customers , about 80% out-of-service , That is to say, send 5 Upgrade packages , That's possible 1 Upgrade packages are available correctly .Z The company has always claimed to customers that the performance of the system is superior , It can rank first in the same industry in the world , But the project team testers complained that the system was running too slowly , I didn't respond to a button for a long time . The results of system operation often have problems , The remedial measure adopted by the project team is to modify the database records directly .
Customer relationship is becoming more and more rigid . Due to the lack of requirements collection process , The functions completed by developers can't meet the requirements of customers at one time , There are a lot of requirements changes . Finally, developers began to reject the customer's requirement changes , The reason is quite good , such as “ Our system design ( Or architecture ) This feature is not supported ”,“ There is no such business in China ” wait .
Personnel management confusion , grasp at authority by oneself , persist in wilfully and arbitrarily , The right person is not in the right position . Project managers like to assign tasks directly to everyone , Including testers , He is in charge of all matters , As small as bug Tool maintenance , Maintenance of big to customer relationship , Department holiday arrangement , You have to get involved . English is also good in the project group , People who can communicate with customers , But these people basically stay at home . Long working hours , week 1 To week 6, Site working hours from morning 9:00 At night 22:30, Quite tired , Extremely inefficient . Management confusion , Not only in this project , And the whole department is in a mess . The Department Manager is a paratrooper , Has been working as a top management in overseas well-known foreign enterprises , The Department is nearly established 1 year , Never seen it 1 Sub department staff meeting , All together 2 Projects , He doesn't care about anything , Inference “ It's a small thing , You have to do something more important ”.
Team members lack the overall concept . Project delays , Everybody doesn't care anymore , Where are we today , I can't finish it , It can also be delayed indefinitely . Some even said :“ It's better to make the project longer , Travel allowance is much higher , I don't want to go back yet .”
There is no concept of delivery . They made many delivery promises to their customers , These promises are basically empty promises --- It can't really be delivered . It's time to commit , They either delay the delivery , Or just show it to the customer , Take a look at the interface , Even if it's delivered . In the document to the customer , There is no training manual or operation manual , Instead, the interface design specification document is sent to the customer .
The management lacks cost management consciousness . The project has been done 8 Months later , According to the project progress and customer attitude , There is communication within the members , Doubt the possibility of the project , It is even suggested to stop the project directly . But the Department Manager , project manager , Sales have been touting the project . At that time, the cost was far more than that 200 Ten thousand .
Can you tolerate it 2 All systems are used at the same time ? The system is now online , But it needs to be used with the old system , Every day, the business staff 2 Inverted data between sets of systems , I think this is a job that no business person can stand . It is said that when bidding , It's because of the strong opposition of business people , The customer decided not to use our system . Why not put the necessary functions into the new system ?
Want to break the hidden rules of business ? One of the main reasons why project leaders are so confident in this project is that : A vice president of the customer received a gift , If the project is not done for us , We can mess with him . I really think they are naive , Do you have the ability to break the underlying business rules ? What's more, it's in a foreign country ......

【 reflect 】

The whole project , It's a total failure . Business , Loss of customer relationship ; Cost ,17 Months over 300 Personal monthly investment , Up to a few million RMB Investment , All in vain ; Project management , It's a mess , The team is like loose sand , At least in succession 10 People leave ; Team members are still unable to complete the requirements collection , Unable to complete system design by group , The only improvement is Delphi Coding capability and Oracle Application ability .

The biggest failure of this project is : The project manager lacks project management experience . Blindly thought “ Industry experience is enough , Nothing else is needed ”, Wrong thinking “ The global trading business is similar ”, Thus, the project plan is blindly optimistic , Don't analyze customer needs , Code when you are depressed .

【 Lei Yan ( Famous words of Lei Ren )】
1. We're going to start this project , go , stay Mantis Project approval .
2. How can you not have your passport ? in China , A passport is as important as an ID card , Take it with you at any time every day . alas , You guys really do things .

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