First of all, let's talk about it ${}

call pager-taglib.jar package

Just pass in the number of rows displayed per page pagesize, Total information lines count, Send another path to connect to the database .
<td height="30"> <!-- Page property settings --> <jsp:include page="/comeon/pg.jsp">
<jsp:param value="/cms/backend/servlet/ListServlet" name="ur"/> <jsp:param
value="${vo.pagesize}" name="pagesize"/> <jsp:param value="${vo.count }"
name="count"/> </jsp:include> </td> <%@ page language="java"
import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="utf-8"%> <%@include
file="/comeon/taglib.jsp" %> <pg:pager url="${param.ur}" items="${param.count}"
maxIndexPages="10" maxPageItems="${param.pagesize}"
export="currentPageNumber=pageNumber"> <table width="100%" border="0"
cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="33%"><div align="left"> <span
class="STYLE22">     share <strong> ${param.count}</strong>
Records , Current <strong>${currentPageNumber}</strong> page , common <strong>${param.count %
param.pagesize eq 0 ? param.count / param.pagesize : param.count /
param.pagesize + 1}</strong> page </span> </div></td> <td width="67%" align=right
vAlign="center" noWrap> <pg:first><a href="${pageUrl }"> home page </a></pg:first>
<pg:prev><a href="${pageUrl }"> page-up key </a></pg:prev> <pg:pages> <c:choose> <c:when
test="${currentPageNumber eq pageNumber }"> ${pageNumber} </c:when>
<c:otherwise> <a href="${pageUrl }">${pageNumber}</a> </c:otherwise>
</c:choose> </pg:pages> <pg:next><a href="${pageUrl }"> next page </a></pg:next>
<pg:last><a href="${pageUrl }"> Last page </a></pg:last> </td> </tr> </table> </pg:pager>
So basically, it doesn't have much to do with our other variables , It's all fixed , Look at the picture below , It's all fixed

So every call pg.jsp After document , Pass in the corresponding parameters , It's done .

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