Plaid is not the only identifier for programmers .


occasionally , It could be the laptop you have on your hand .


As a programmer , Playing games at home for the weekend , A change of bad habits , I started to learn from other fashion people , Dress up a little ...... In fact, it means washing your head , Shave a beard , Then take your notebook to a cafe near your home , Experience what it feels like to be a business person .

The little black in the cafe looks a little bit “ Heterogeneous ”.

On knowledge ,“ Why do some people like to take MacBook Go to the coffee shop or bookstore , instead of ThinkPad Like that ?” The topic triggered a passionate discussion among netizens about the use of different notebooks in different scenes .


One of the high praise answers is ,“ Possible ThinkPad All of them are working .”

Now? , Tapping the little black button, I solved it in the coffee shop bug, If you are familiar with this notebook brand , If you see my people, you'll probably think , Here's a programmer .


Why do people have such a strong correlation between Xiaohei and programmers ?


One is fully functional , High performance commercial notebook , It's the productivity guarantee for programmers to output efficiently .


that , Business notebook for programmers , What are the specific hard standards ? I sum up the evaluation results of commercial notebook based on my habit of using notebook 6 Big standard , Maybe it can be used as a benchmark for programmers to make notebook selection .

Because it uses ThinkPad As the first evaluated model , So call it “ Little black Bench” bar .


“ Little black Bench” Mainly from the programmer's one-day commute use scenario , Based on portability , Expansibility , Ease of use , stability , Six dimensions of safety and endurance to judge a business book .


that , from “ Little black Bench” set out , Talk about my recent use ThinkPad L bar .


Light and easy to carry , Not heavy


Programmers have to face the pressure of the Xierqi subway at the beginning of the day , Take your notebook to the company in the morning , In the afternoon, I have to go to the workshop for debugging , At night, I have to take the crowded subway to carry home . Typing the code all day , I'm in a trance , Don't let your body be too heavy .

ThinkPad L14 Just fine for me , On the basis of solid fuselage , Achieve the weight of three bottles of mineral water , It doesn't put too much pressure on my commute .


In terms of portability , The full score is 5 The word of cent ( The same below ),ThinkPad L The series is available 3.5 branch .


Diversified expansion

Come to the Office , The first thing is to plug the laptop into the company's Internet cable , And the display and hard disk on the station .

Extensibility is really important for programmers , Not only to meet the daily multi screen office needs of programmers , There should be multiple sockets to meet the needs of on-site industrial control and debugging .
Some laptops are for slim body , And cut off some extensions , It's very unfriendly to programmers .

and ThinkPad With full-scale network cable interface and other complete expansibility , Give it a 5 branch .


Keyboard is a kill , Programmers have a good mind


Sit on the station , It's the beginning of the day's code routine . Keep your eyes on the screen for a long time , Look and feel comfortable , Can protect eyes .L14 Of IPS Screen can get rid of a lot of commercial ones TN Blind screen .


in addition , Pay attention to a crackling speed when typing code , The press comfort of keys and touch panel should be soft ,ThinkPad
L The series has the pleasure of letting fingers dance .ThinkPad Our keyboard is the best in today's business books , No one . Longer bond length , Strong rebound . Compared with the slim version “ Typing on glass ” It's a different experience . The little red hat is also very considerate , Allows you to locate lines of code without leaving the keyboard , Reduced a lot of thought interruptions .

Ease of use 5 branch .


The core is “ stable ”


Programmers don't just have to maintain code in the background , In the afternoon, they usually go out for project debugging . The working environment of programmers is only you can't imagine , There's no place they can't go . No matter on the dusty road, transfer the base station , Or in the trial production workshop, facing all kinds of motors , Commissioning of solenoid valve and encoder , If the laptop goes down from time to time , Caton , It was a disaster .


Many programmers choose ThinkPad The reason is that it is stable in all kinds of extreme environments . I used to use a brand of notebook in a slightly dusty environment, the keyboard and touchpad will fail , Frequent black screen . It makes me understand why so many colleagues around me hold it in their hands “ Battlefield color ” Of ThinkPad. You don't have to worry about working conditions at all ThinkPad Impact of , Twelve military standard tests are not covered .


  stability 5 I don't know how many people argue ?


Safe and reliable


In this era of cloud Conference , Privacy is very important . Like in a conference call , It's embarrassing to show that I haven't washed my hair in three days . in addition , Forgetting to mute during long meetings can also cause “ disaster ”. 

ThinkPad L Series ThinkShutter The design of black valve is very considerate , Let you physically lock the camera manually . And there's a one touch microphone on the keyboard , Let you completely avoid embarrassing moments ,
It's very interesting in this respect “ sense of security ”.


Safety , Also to 5 branch .


Strong endurance


After a day's work , home-coming , my ThinkPad About 5% Of electricity .

Except for Pycharm,IDE Etc , I also use it frequently office Kit , WeChat , Web browsing , Email , Teleconferencing , And the whole process of networking . And because of support Type-c The charger of , I only need to bring a lipstick power supply in my backpack to satisfy my mobile phone at the same time , Computer charging demand .

however , Because sometimes the last hour's work caused me to worry about my endurance , This time 3.5 Divide it .

by the way , You might say , Why didn't you mention the beauty ?ThinkPad
L No fear of beauty , In addition to the function satisfaction , It also continues its classic design , Timeless black , Versatile , Can also appear in any scene , Its straight fuselage , Leaving out the superfluous design .

It's just for a Pragmatic Programmer like me , The most important thing for a commercial version is to meet all kinds of hard needs .

in general , stay “ Little black Bench” Under the scoring system , I will ThinkPad
L The comprehensive score of the series is given to 4.5 branch . Its outstanding keyboard feel , The complete interface under relatively light volume and the stability without consideration of working conditions are unforgettable , Now it has become the benchmark of commercial notebook in my mind .

of course , If you experience other business books later ,“ Little black Bench” And will continue to be my criterion .

As you know , Many programmers should want to have ThinkPad L Small black book of the series , Except in companies and cafes , It will appear in every hard core of code x In the environment of .

On the street , Halfway through the appointment , On an airplane seat where there is not enough space to operate the mouse ...... You may take out the little black book to debug the code , It's solid and reliable , Meet the diverse needs of scene office with low-key black temperament .


last , Two sentences in the comment area ?


As a programmer , What do you think commercial notebook should have ? The notebook in your hand “ Little black Bench” How many points can I get ? No, ThinkPad Is it reasonable to say that our programmers are not highly qualified ?

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