Is programmer the industry that eats youth meal ? A lot of people will agree , Basically, at a certain age , It's about to be laid off
, It's not just bad , One more thing is that it's over 30 When a programmer, aged, goes to work, he finds that he has more than 30 The employees at the age of 20 don't think about it , It's not groundless . Well known enterprises have been flourishing before 35 Year old employee , Today's netizens are actually faced with such a thing : One 32 Programmer interview at , But the leader said that it's not appropriate to be too old , Let's see you off .

32 I'm an old programmer at the age of ? This kind of speech soon aroused the hot discussion of all kinds of netizens . Originally, the profession of programmer depended on technical ability , But some Internet companies have turned him into a youth eater , Will exceed 30 The year old programmer denied it directly .

Some netizens said , A transnational project that I worked with before , At the same time , Older than 50 Year old , The smallest jobs are more than 20 Years old , But the content of the work is as happy as their rookies , They're high-level and they're high-income , Have a good time , Well respected in the company . Do programmers really eat youth food ? Absolutely not ! It's just that the environment here is too impetuous , Distorted values !

hey , I little interesting , How do you live 30, As long as it's grassroots, it's old age ? It's hard to say , Objective point theory , I've been stumbling around for so many years , There are very few people who find out how intelligent they are when they are young , Most people grow up slowly ,30 It's not stable enough , Why spread a trend ,30 Later eliminated , My side 30 There are many multi-year programmers , In fact, many people are creating anxiety , Anxiety about trafficking , Is the technology of young programmers the only one .

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