Live broadcast of Luo Yonghao yesterday , i 'm sorry , I didn't look . I'm sorry , I didn't watch the live broadcast, but I came here to catch the hot spot again .

The last two days , It can be said that it's the consumption of the whole people, Luo Yonghao , Self media needless to say , All kinds of reviews, all kinds of comebacks , All the e-commerce platforms have come together , What is worth buying , 10 billion subsidies for pinduoduo , Jingdong Mall , TaoBao , It can be called LuoYongHao recommendation series , But in terms of price , It can also be called Luo Yonghao's face fighting series .

tell the truth , I realized that my judgment was shallow , I didn't expect that , These businessmen bully Miss Luo so hard .

First of all, who is the big winner .

Brand business , All winners , Don't just watch yesterday's live sales , Topic extension leads to a large number of secondary sales , Full bloom in all e-commerce platforms , therefore , Mr. Luo's pit fee is really worth it , and , Teacher Luo is the most ruthless , Over value of pit cost . What is the most cruel face , Other platforms are cheaper , And unlimited , It works best in secondary communication .

Teacher naluo: win or lose ?

Live broadcast from yesterday , The pit fee is almost 1500 ten thousand , Then the Commission , Don't overestimate , Electronic products can't compare with beauty products , But in all 1500-2500 About ten thousand , It depends on the chargeback rate .

Of course, those who recharge their faith will not be refunded , But there are many consumers in China , It's a bargain , See other platforms cheaper , Go to the platform immediately to complain about the chargeback , There must be a lot of people .

In terms of money , one night 3000 ten thousand + net income , I can't say no , If I could make one night 3000 10000 net income , Don't be too excited .

What's the price , Brand chamber of Commerce found that the best way to use Mr. Luo is to treat the pit fee as the face fee , More face , The more effective secondary communication is . The worse Luo's on-site promotion performance , The better the second communication effect of this brand .
( Will Mr. Luo's series of ghost animals come out new ?) Mr. Luo's endorsement price is higher than that of the third-party platform , The more active the transaction rate of secondary communication is .

that , of course , As long as you have money , What is a face fight . A pit 60 ten thousand , If it's for me , Welcome to line up and hit me in the face .

therefore , From this live broadcast alone , Miss Luo is not a loser .

But the problem is , This game isn't just about brands and Mr. Luo , And a big one Boss, Tiktok .

The most hurt is the tiktok .

The tiktok has been so popular. , Bringing so much online , More than one billion transactions , careless , Not good , But somehow I passed , What's the problem , All kinds of face fighting revelry of friends and businessmen , Other platforms give full play to various problems . This involves a very important proposition ,
What is the purpose of tiktok? ?

You say tiktok earn money by Mr. Luo. , Do you believe it ? Do you really believe it ?

If many people installed the tiktok because of Mr. Luo , This is tiktok. , If tiktok just introduced his users to Mr. Luo's live broadcast site , Tiktok, please. , This flow has a feather value ?

Jitter wants to build a direct access channel for tiktok providers , Want to establish users' tiktok and live shopping. , But Mr. Luo's face slapping method , A tiktok is a user aware negative indicator. , Tiktok brand , The user will place an order in the whole network price comparison later . Mr. Luo's team collected the money for face fighting , Is there any advantage in half a tiktok? .

The tiktok was originally intended to help Luo Yonghao turn around his users' cognition. , result , So many promotion resources go down , It's just a wedding dress for others , The background emperor who is willing to fight for the whole net .

User cognition is platform transformation , The most difficult problems to overcome in expanding new fields
, From this battle , I think the jitter is not tiktok. , And in the environment of all the friends and business groups mocking Mr. Luo , Tiktok unfortunately becomes the background of ridicule of friends and merchants . see , Let's place an order , Just have a look at Miss Luo .

But tiktok inside , Is it rigid ? Tiktok, a big company like this. , There must be some supporters in it , Trust Miss Luo , There are also doubts about Mr. Luo's , Want to see teacher Luo's joke , So the results are presented , Trembling sounds tiktok. , Internal teams and management will also assess the effectiveness of such activities , Is it what we expected , Various data indicators , I believe they will have more detailed data , I dare not speak in vain , But it's all about price competition , It must not be what they expected .

Who is the ultimate victim , Get resources for Mr. Luo , A credit supporter for Mr. Luo , of course , It's all trial and error , There will be no great responsibility , But later , Who wants to win resources for Mr. Luo , Is it necessary to weigh the risks carefully ?

last , Let's talk about the root cause , Also live selling , Why does Miss Luo push something , There are so many people standing in line outside to fight together , You say Mr. Luo is not a professional , It's not that important , crux , That's the same thing , Black constitution , It's not white . And this problem will run through all the subsequent business cashing behaviors of Mr. Luo .

Face to face , It will become the biggest way for brand merchants to extract Luo's surplus value . But tiktok is loud. Boss Next step attitude , It will decide how long the game will last .

Miserable , Next , Data validation .

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