preface , With the coming of distributed Era , Now micro services are becoming more and more popular ,Spring
Cloud It has become a test point for interview , Now we will Cloud Here are some of the components of the introduction to the interview process . Before opening , Let's take a look at some common Spring
Cloud Interview questions , After reading my blog , You'll come back and look at these questions , I'm sure you'll get a good answer . If you can answer the following questions , You don't have to read this blog , If many don't know , After reading my blog , I believe you will have a deep understanding of these problems .

1. Overview of microservices

1.1 What is it?

1.2 Microservice and microservice architecture

1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of microservices

2.Eureka Service registration and discovery for

2.1 What is it?

2.2 Principle explanation

2.3 Build steps

2.4 Cluster configuration

2.5 and zookeeper Comparison of


3.1 What is it?


4.1 What is it?

4.2 What can I do


5.1 Service avalanche

5.2 What is it?

5.3 What is service fusing

5.4 Degradation of services

6.zuul Routing Gateway

7.SpringCloud config

7.1 Distributed configuration problems

7.2 What is it?

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