The way of speaking , It's also the way to be human .

Speech is the voice of thought , From one person's words , You can often hear the inner voice .

So as to preliminarily judge a person's character , Is it worth communicating with .

Those with poor character , There are three things you can't do without opening and closing your mouth , If there are such people around , Please be careful , Do not make deep acquaintance .

1, Gossip about others behind their backs
There are clouds in the old saying : Sit still and think about yourself , Don't talk about people . Don't judge others at will , It's a deep cultivation .
You never know , A casual and irresponsible remark , What kind of disaster will it bring to others .

I've heard such a story :

A donkey came back from the farm , Say to the dog : old buck , I'm really tired , I really want to have a rest tomorrow .

After dogs say goodbye to donkeys , Met the cat in the corner , The dog said : old man , I went to see the donkey just now , It says it's too tired to rest for a day , No wonder , The master gave it too much work, too much weight .

The cat turned and said to the sheep : The donkey complained that the master had given him too much work , Want to take a day off , No work tomorrow .
When the sheep heard , Talk to the chicken : The donkey doesn't want to work for the master , It complains about living too much and being tired , I don't know if other owners are better to his donkey .

When a chicken sees a pig , And to the pig : The donkey is not ready to work , He wants to see other owners . It's true , The master doesn't care for the donkey at all , Let it do so many heavy and dirty jobs , And roughed it with a whip .

Before dinner , Housewives feed pigs , Pigs report to housewives : Housewife , The donkey's thoughts are very questionable recently , He doesn't want to work for his master anymore , It's too tired to live , He said he would leave his master and go to another house .

At dinner , The housewife told the master about it again , The master is furious after listening , Kill the donkey .

That's how the hard-working donkey gets “ Rumor ” Killed .
gossip , The best way to kill .
Buddha theory :“ Take care of yourself , It's Buddha ; Take care of others , It's the devil .”
Know others but not judge them , Is a person's greatest kindness .
Sometimes be kind and tolerant to others , It's also a kind of virtue to oneself .

In life , A babbler , A person who keeps an eye on other people's Road , It's going to go awry .

day in and day out , With such people , They will become narrow and distorted .

2, Mischievous remarks
Someone's place , There is right and wrong .
One thing , More people , It's going to be complicated , Even black and white .

In life , Many contradictions , Can't do without some people's provocation .
Never underestimate the power of language , Sometimes it takes only one sentence to defeat a person .
You know , What you say , It's like pouring water , I can't get it back .

So called “ three people spreading reports of a tiger make you believe there is one around ”, When a lie is repeated several times , It will become truth , Brewing irretrievable bad fruit .
Back gossip , Even slander others , Be quick to talk for a while , But also let their own image discount .
A person who likes to sow discord , harbor evil intentions , With such people , It's just going to cause trouble .

3, A promise of lies

sincerity , It's a person's soul , It's the biggest card in one's life .
To be honest with others , Everyone believes it ; Be honest about things , Everything is possible .
In life , Some people promise recklessly , Ignore others' trust in yourself .

tissue of lies , Talk about promises in the air , Make a joke of promises .

I don't know , No one can stand without faith , Wanton shouting “ Here comes the wolf ” People of , Final meeting “ Died in the wolf's mouth ”.
A man without faith , can 't do anything .

every word and action , It's character .
A man of poor character , It's ugly , It's all bad words , It's all gossip , Bad words , lie , Let your life fall into a vicious circle .
Be a man , Character always comes first !
So called “ Circle decides life ”, With whom , It's really important .
The rest of life , May we all be far away “ a wicked person ”, Meet the good !

Facing the sun , Shadow behind you . Back to the sun , Shadow in front of you . The world has never changed , It's just the direction we face the world that changes ! come on. ! You deserve better !

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