*Linux File and directory copy commands in :

        Each operating system consists of thousands of files , about linux such “ Everything is a document ” The operating system is no exception , Everyone should be able to use it easily windows
File search function under , But yes linux This function may not be very familiar , I want to play linux You need to hold on to this order , because linux Not like windows
That has a fixed filename suffix , And because linux The characteristics of a hundred schools of thought under the camp , One same file in different releases , It could be different , So if you can hold on cp Use of commands , You're fumbling
linux It's going to be a lot smoother , And you'll find linux The next file search function is actually very simple , And it's better than windows The search function is very powerful !

 cp command :

      function : Copy the source file or directory to the destination file or directory .

  format :cp [ option ] Source file or directory Target file or directory

  explain : If the source file is a normal file , The command copies it to the specified target file ; If it's a directory , You need to use “-r” option , You need to copy all the files and subdirectories in the directory to the target location .

  option :

     -a This command is usually used when copying directories , It recursively copies all files and subdirectories under the source directory to the target directory , And keep the file links and file attributes unchanged , It is equivalent to -dpR.

     -d Keep file properties on copy .

     -f,--force If the current directory file cannot be opened , Delete it and try again .

     -i,--interactive And -f Different , Prompt before overwriting the target file , Require user to confirm , answer y, Target file will be overwritten . This is interactive replication .

     -p In addition to copying the contents of the source file , It also copies its modification time and access rights to the new file .

     -R, -r Recursively copying directories , Copy all directories and subdirectories at all levels under the source file to the target location .

     -l Do not copy , Instead, create a linked file to the source file , The link file name is given by the target file .

  be careful :cp Command to copy a file , The source file remains unchanged !

Example :

        File mfile Copy to directory /home/mengqc lower , And renamed examl;

         $cp mfile  /home/mengqc/examl

        Catalog /home/mengqc Copy all files and subdirectories under to /home/liuzh in

         $cp -r  /home/mengqc  /home/liuzh

        Interactive directory /home/mengqc Chinese and English m All the leaders .c File copy to /home/liuzh in :

         $cp -i /home/mengqc/m*.c /home/liuzh

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