This article is my own understanding of software outsourcing , It's a “ Argumentation ”, Please look at it from your own point of view , To feel the content of this article .

What I know about the position of outsourcing personnel :

1. programmer .

2. Software tester .

3. Implementation personnel .

Companies that need to outsource services , I'm here as employer company . The average employer is a large company , More projects , Complicated recruitment procedures .

Under what circumstances will employers employ outsourcing personnel ?

1. The project is urgent .

Generally, the entry procedures of these companies are very complicated , If you hire an employee through the normal way, it will probably take time 1 Time of week , And here 1 Week is a critical time for the project . So I'm looking for an outsourcing company , Find an experienced programmer to do it , This can guarantee the quality , Can keep up with the progress .

2. Want to save costs .

Generally, the salary of outsourcing development and testing personnel should be lower than that of employees of the same level in the employer's company .

3. The project is short-term .

It's simple , The current project may be the reconstruction of the old project , Maintenance, etc , If complete , Outsourcers lose their jobs .

Advantages of outsourcing :

1. You can enjoy the excellent office environment and good humanistic environment of the employer company .

2. Be able to understand something about big companies .

3. If your qualities are outstanding , May be employed by employer's company .

Current situation of outsourcing companies :

1. Weak technical strength .

If the technical strength is strong , It's also used for outsourcing ? How much money can outsourcing make ? Or independently developed software , Promising !

Here is an example : I remember about 2000 Years , A company in Shangdi, Beijing used to publish software education books , Translating software books , Making software education CD and publishing , Maybe there is no technical strength at all , What's on the market is terrible , And in the next few years, the boss of that company found a way to get rich : Software outsourcing . Selling people ( China has a large population , Selling people is a promising business ), For example, outsourcing testing for foreign software , Outsourcing Development . In fact, this road should have no problems for the company , As long as the company can make money , But from a programmer's point of view , There is a certain contradiction with the development of the company . The average programmer wants “ Technical expertise ”.

2. There are no projects in hand .

Who can outsource projects ?

3. Have a strong network .

If you have a relationship, you can get to the project , To make money . Bidding ? It's for other people . Or not bidding at all , Direct assignment .

Disadvantages of outsourcing :

1. Lack of long-term technology accumulation , Lack of core technology .

In general, the core or bottom level of an employer's company is not allowed to be done by outsourcing personnel . Outsourcing personnel usually do “ Leftover material ”.

2. Lack of long-term company accumulation .

In a common software company , Qualification is an important indicator . The longer a programmer stays in the company , The greater the contribution to the company . There is little accumulation in outsourcing companies . The most benefit should be project experience .

3. Within the employer's company “ discrimination ”.

Needless to say , Employees of general employer company , Outsourcers do the work of scraps , Or the employer's company's personnel make needs and designs , Outsourcers write code .

4. After the project is completed , Will lose his job soon .

Yes, of course , The employer company pays the outsourcing company for the project . After completion of outsourcing company project , There's no money to pay , Are they going to make you fat ?

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