web In project release, we usually choose war Package Publishing , Some of the following code fixes and updates will also be selected war Package Publishing , But there's a huge risk , A method of incremental publishing is documented here .

* stay WebContent Next new build_XXXX.xml file . among xxxx Name of project <?xml version="1.0"
encoding="UTF-8"?> <project name="xxxx"> <property name="basedir" value="." />
<copy todir="D:/xxxxUpdate/20180109/xxxx"> <fileset
dir="Y:/workspace/xxxx/WebContent"> <include
name="**/WEB-INF/classes/net/fq/sysmanage/Login.class" /> <include
name="**/WEB-INF/classes/applicationContext.xml"/> <include
name="**/pages/imAccessSystem/add.html"/> </fileset> </copy> </project>
* stay build_XXXX.xml The class to be updated , to configure , page , Static resources are added .todir The path of incremental package generation is defined .dir Define the work area of the project .
* Right click Run As --> choice Ant Build
,build_XXXX.xml Will run to generate incremental packages , Sometimes an error is reported during the first run , ignore , Just run it again .
* We enter the todir In the catalog , Check for omissions , If there is any omission, check it build_XXXX.xml Is the path in is correct .
My project is linux Under incremental release , And it is war Package decompression release , So I will make the incremental package into a compressed package ,XXXX.zip A compressed package of , Then upload it to the same level directory of the project on the server , as /app/webAPP/XXXX
among XXXX For the project , take XXXX.zip Put in /app/webApp Directory , implement unzip -o XXXX.zip It can be updated incrementally .
This method does not need to be introduced jar package , No need to write Java code , Easy to use .

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