Programmers generally like to use thinkpad perhaps Mac, Because of price and other factors , Still use thinkpad Multipoint , The configuration of computers required for different research and development directions is also different , Now the machine configuration required for developing software is also different from that of more than ten years , At that time, the embedded system was in the bonus period , Many training institutions are calling for their involvement in this field , That period AMD Of cpu And intel Fight it , It's not as different as it is now , Remember that the first company is entrepreneurial , The company's computers are made of Shenzhou brand , Develop software on it , Need to install a virtual machine , Because I just started to develop , Hard disk space given 10G, Results in compiling the browser kernel version (webkit) Insufficient space for prompt , I was very surprised at that time , There's less code from the open source community 10M Code compression package for , Results compiled into debug edition , The generated file can reach 3 Many G, Learn the power of open source community code for the first time , And compiling at least once 3 Hours , The first time I felt the pain of poor machine configuration , See colleagues around , All the computers configured by myself are thinkpad series , I had a dream that the salary I earned in the last few months could buy a computer like this , Later, I saved a desktop computer in Zhongguancun .

When everyone in the company uses the company's computer , The most common saying is that you can cook eggs again , The original computer fever in Shenzhou was a little scary , Why many programmers prefer thinkpad, Although it is now acquired by Lenovo , The prestige in the eyes of programmers is not as high as before , But its design concept and stability , The most important thing is the feel of the keyboard , Very consistent with the character of programmers , Simple and unadorned .

<> Programmers like it thinkpad Generally speaking, there are three main reasons :

1. High stability , Notebook technology was not so mature a decade ago , Many brands of laptops have big and small problems , because IBM We have been working in this field for many years , Accumulated a lot of experience, the basic premise that stability can guarantee , It's also a sign of technology leadership .

2. Small and flexible design , Perfect for carrying around , Programmers often travel in backpacks , Or the habit of going to work coincides with this idea , Almost half of programmers are more or less involved in business trips , Carrying a heavy computer is something nobody wants to do , A lot of people say thinkpad It's a computer designed for programmers , Although there are exaggerated elements , But it's also interesting to think about it .

3. Special feeling of typing code , What programmers pay attention to is a feeling , I feel that the quality of code writing will be much higher , A lot of programmers think it's only when it's quiet at night , That's what it means , And the design concept of the keyboard is just in line with this concept .

But there are still a lot of programmers mac Computer enthusiasts , Why do many people buy such a computer when they are frugal

1.Mac originate from unix It's very much in line with the taste of many programmers , A lot of people linux Environment can only install one virtual machine in the machine ,Mac There's no need for such trouble , Go straight to the familiar taste , Take it and you can develop it directly , Because there are many programming tools built in , Not like windows Building a development environment takes half a day .

2.Mac Simple and generous in design concept , Pursue the ultimate details , This is reflected in many excellent programmers , When you see uncomfortable code, you always want to modify it until you are comfortable , Constantly churning and refactoring code , This is essentially the same , A feeling of mutual affection .

3. There are very few viruses on it ,windows Installing a software can carry many viruses with you , Here Mac Little pity , Installing and uninstalling software is also quite simple and convenient . Simple and generous .

There must be something extraordinary about any kind of thing being accepted , Although programmers don't pursue much in life , But the ultimate pursuit of tools is also obvious to all , So if it's a programmer who has a favorite computer, it's a very happy thing .

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