2003 year , I LG, That year's BF, Graduated from the top ten universities in China , Graduate degree , Head into Zhangjiang, Shanghai IT, Monthly salary for graduation 4.5K( This number is engraved on my heart ), Pay extra one month's salary at the end of the year , Annual salary 6W( pre-tax )

I , Graduated from an ordinary undergraduate , Fresh students engaged in financial work , a monthly salary 3K, Plus year-end bonus , Annual salary for one year 4W( pre-tax )

His salary is mine 1.5 About times

Welcome more like it, I'm learning it If our Python Communication group :7848.6745

2007 year ,LG Wage after tax 8K, Before tax, it looks like twelve thousand ( I don't remember the exact number , Because there was no tax cut at that time , About this number ), annual bonus 5w. Comprehensive annual salary before tax 19 ten thousand .

I change jobs , a monthly salary 5K, Annual salary 6W( pre-tax )

His salary is mine 3 About times

2011 year ,LG Wage before tax 1.8W, After tax 1.4W( Tax cut ), Plus year-end and Project Awards , Before tax 28W( That's why I only answer this question , The numbers are very coincidental , namely 28W).

I'll change my job , Annual salary 14 ten thousand ( pre-tax )

His salary is mine 2 About times

All in all , It's in ordinary families in Shanghai , We have a stable family structure , Men are always paid by women 2-3 times .

Next make complaints about Tucao time .

2003 Year to year 2007 year , Love stage , We broke up three times , I always mention it , He cried for peace .

reason ? I can't see anyone at all, OK !

He lives in Zhangjiang , I live in Minhang , You can search the distance .

The best time for us to fall in love is to meet once a week , Meeting place is people's Square ( The middle of the two )

Poor people , They share a house , Can't shoot ! What to do when you are young and impulsive ? Only once a month can I raise money to go to the hotel , Every time I go to a hotel, I have to work in the dark , Otherwise, I won't be able to earn the house money .

so what , He disappeared for a month or two , What's up ? Business trip !

Target customers , Target mass production , All sorts of things . As soon as I get busy, I forget that I have a girlfriend .

Up to two weeks without a phone call at a time , Completely lost , My mother and I call his company separately , Make sure he's alive , The company's receptionist said politely : We will remind our engineers to keep in touch with their families .

I think the front desk must be thinking : holy crap , This man didn't want to dump his girlfriend, so he didn't answer the phone on purpose .

Give me a detail .

IT A few people died in labor that year , And then their company made rules , night 12 Force the switch after point , No overtime over 12 spot .

12 Pull the switch after o'clock, everyone , Before work to 3,4 It's normal !

ok .2007 Year to year 2010 year , Marry and have a baby buy a house , It's all done .

Who did it ? I'm all alone . He planted the seeds and gave me a baby .

marry , From wedding dress to wedding photo , I'll take care of it all , He didn't have time to ask , I do it one by one . The wedding photo asked him to attend , He took a wedding photo and answered the customer's phone , The photographer has been saying : sir , Would you please hang up and have a laugh ?

Pregnant , I was temporarily hospitalized for massive hemorrhage , He comes to the hospital every night after work . Several times I went to the ward , The ward is closed ( before dawn 1 Point ! It's too late , Ward nurses are afraid of bad people ), Fortunately, he looks like a normal person , Even coax them into it .

He has paternity leave after giving birth 3 day , Took a day to sign up for my son , other 2 Days to work overtime . I was supposed to help me with the discharge procedures that day , Then the meeting didn't come , I had a baby 2 day , Go through the discharge formalities with your stomach in your hand . For this , My mom's been nagging me for years , Say your husband is a decoration .

Buy a house , The decoration is all done by me and the old man , And he made a payment .

Later, he was rated as an excellent employee , Thank you for your wife's support .

Thank you, sister , I can't tell you how hard I have been supporting this family ! And smile at the staff meeting boss say : This is what I should do !

I swear I will never marry again IT People !

2011 Year to date

I have entered the stage of inability to make complaints about it .

What do you say about others ? All the relatives in our family said he was very kind to me . All say IT Man is honest .

He turned in all his wages , What do I say at home , The first thing he came back at night was to see if I slept ( Leave the child alone ), As long as I'm free at home, it's just a dogskin patch on me , Where am I going? Where is he going . I'm going to have a beauty salon, and he's going to sit outside and wait for me . I play games to get through , Because the logic is not strong, it always fails , He'll come home in the middle of the night and help me out . My feet are always sleepless at night , He'll fill me with hot water bags again and again . new 24 Filial good man .

What do you expect from him in my daily life ? That's totally out of the question .

This wonderful IT The working hours of people are still : Good morning! 9 Point to night 10 spot , Occasionally in the early morning 2 spot . Saturday all day , Occasional overtime on Sunday . No holiday , No overtime ! Look here ! be careful ! No overtime !!!!

So the family has grown up to educate children , As small as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea , It's all about my family . I have to go to work, OK , I'm also a person, OK , I work only 7 An hour and my salary is not low, OK ?

forget it , Follow IT What do people say ? He'll tell me in tears : wife , I know you're working hard ! I will try to make money ! And then work overtime !

These years , Just what I know , His company died abnormally 3 individual ( Overwork death or Sudden cardiovascular disease , Countless diseases
. There's a wonderful fracture. I took the bandage to work ; One year 365 Days off 5 God ; There's a wife and kids out there all the time , I can't go back for a visit until half a year . This group IT people , The salary is not low , I don't want my life . I have nightmares all the time LG It's going to fall all of a sudden , And then I started to figure out if my family's savings were enough to support my son's college education .

When you don't have nightmares , I've always been curious about this gang IT How can a man's wife not cheat ?!

I've been trying to cheat for a while, okay !TMD, If it wasn't for me to hang out with my son all day , I've been looking for another man !

god , Give me a good man ! Who can be with me , I don't want it IT male !

More important Of X life .

ok , I confess , Since the birth of the baby , We're basically in line with the definition of asexual marriage ( For this reason, I specially Baidu the definition of asexual marriage ): Asexual marriage ” In the absence of physical illness or pregnancy accidents , No tacit sexual life between husband and wife for more than one month .

Why ? Don't you have any desire ? Not really , After all, we are still young , There is desire , There's no time .

No kids before , Waiting for him in the evening 1 Come back from work at . He doesn't work on Sunday , We can both stay at home in the dark .

And now? , I'm coming back from work with my kids . Often when a child sleeps, I fall asleep , He didn't have the heart to disturb me . When the kids get up at the weekend, I have to follow them , I don't have the heart to disturb him .

So our current solutions are all shared by our own hands and computers A slice .

It's all unspeakable tears !

So you said IT False high wages ?

After you look at my description , Do you still feel empty high ?

That's high , Not only long working hours , And how many family members can't tell the pain and tears behind it ……

Change you , Are you willing to exchange for this inflated salary ?

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