You haven't read about it “ What computers do technology gods use ” perhaps “ Why don't professional programmers use it Windows” Something like that ?

In any case, most of the great gods in Zhihu Mac Mainly , There will be several Linux The clear stream of .

Read this post , I have seed “ No, apple. I'm not even a programmer ” The feeling of .

Mac Is that so? , Apple's books are those , A price in the early ten thousand , I don't recommend it , Go to the official website .

Linux I'm using it, too , As long as the hardware is not too rare, you can try to build a set of machines linux system , Not available 14K,8K Lenovo's business is right .

ad locum , My company is opposed to those who recommend game books , The game book really can't stand programmers' blundering . What kind of competitive video card , What is it? How many fans are hot , With an egg ? I don't usually do image rendering , So good video cards are used for occasional entertainment ? I spent the rest of my time eating ash ?

Tell me what I use now

Desktop of the unit , assemble a computer ,Windows system ,i7,8G start , No graphics card , Tried black apple , Give up without success

Self use notebook , Tian Pai ,Surface Book2,i7,256G edition , Feel no worse than fruit , It can also be installed as a flat plate 13

Own desktop … For years , Configuration will not be mentioned , It was also for playing games , But then I found out to play PS4 and Switch More , Except for the rest Dota2, Others prefer to take Surface Play in bed . Now, except for the next movie, desktop computers are basically eating ashes .

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