Want to learn well Python, Just by looking Python Relevant books are far from enough ! Internet Age , We should make full use of the free resources on the Internet , Otherwise, how to become an excellent Pythoner What about ? Today's little U Let's share some amazing and effective Python Learning website
Python tribe

This site is right Pythoner It's still very practical for us , It has three main functions : study Python, Practice knowledge points .

PS: If you are good at English , You can also make a little money by translating technical articles ~

Left side of site ---- I'm Xiaobai , I want to get started . ad locum , According to your current situation , Choose different subjects for learning . Xiaobai's words, of course, are from the upper left corner 《0 Basics 1 hour Python introduction 》 Here we go ~ This course is free , It's also the foundation of the foundation .

Countless students asked Python How to install , Although Xiaobai has pushed the first step : How to install Python And construction Python Environmental Science ? But the first section of the course is also very detailed , It's said that if you don't follow the instructions , Installation failure rate will increase 50% Oh ~

Right side of site ----- Brush Title treasure and translation agency . There are hundreds of channels in this function Python Knowledge questions , The knowledge points are very tricky , They are basically blind spots in daily learning . It's said that you can brush this treasure Python The person who finished the title , They are rare talents .

translation agent , You can get the translation task there , Submit translation results , If the translation passes, you will get the promised remuneration .

But before translation , Please read the requirements of the homepage carefully , Translate as required . And be sure to follow the statement , If you translate directly with Google Baidu , Basically 100% Not through , So we must have a good grasp of translation before claiming ~

The God of foreign countries GitHub*

GitHub Is a hosting platform for open source and private software projects , Even though it has been heavily acquired by Microsoft , But it doesn't affect people's love !

For people learning to program ,Github It's heaven . Learning programming is not as easy as learning grammar , The key is to do it , Learn programming, pay attention to more reading, more practice .Github It provides a good learning opportunity .Github There are many small projects suitable for scholars , Less code , And it's simple .
but Github After all, foreigners do it , therefore github The website is all in English , If you want to use it , You can search some tutorials on the Internet , There are only a few operations , The requirement for English is not very high .

python Chinese learning base

here you are Python2.7.X Official course ,Python3.6.X Official tutorials and Flask Data collection , If you need , You can find almost all the tutorials you want here .


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